1. Seeking Shi’ism to Istanbul to be released
    Authored by Davoud Bohlouli, Seeking Shi’ism to Istanbul has been printed and will be released by the University of Religions and Denominations.
  2. Tehran gallery to hold discussion on Kufic script
    Kufic script will be discussed during a meeting at Tehran’s Eyvan Gallery on November 30.
  3. Terrorists’ Attack Leaves 16 Shia Martyred in Pakistan
    At least 16 Shia Muslims have been killed and several others injured in a new bomb attack on a religious gathering near the Pakistani capital Islamabad.
  4. 23 Bahraini health workers sentenced to prison
    Twenty-three medics have been convicted in Bahrain for their role in anti-regime protests that kicked off in 2011.
  5. Press Conference of Bahrain: 365 Days of Broken Promises
    One Year Since The Bahrain Independent Commission Inquiry, Still No reform in Bahrain.
  6. Shia Muslims commemorate Muharram worldwide
    For the last fourteen hundred years, Ashura represents the battle between the good and the evil, the virtuous and the wicked.
  7. Syria presents foreign fighter list in bid for UN to acknowledge terror acts
    Syria has presented the UN Security Council a list of 143 foreign citizens killed in Syria fighting government troops. Damascus hopes the move will force the UN to declare the presence of foreign nationals in Syria to be international terrorism.
  8. Shias in Pakistan receive death threat text messages
    ISLAMABAD: Shias, targeted in three explosions which killed 16 people on Wednesday, are now receiving death threat text messages on cellphones ahead of a key event in their religious calendar that has been tainted by violence in the past.
  9. Russia criticizes Turkey’s request for NATO missiles on Syrian border
    BRUSSELS – Moscow is criticizing Turkey’s request to NATO for missiles to defend against Syria’s civil war spilling over the border, as Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused Turkey of “muscle flexing.”
  10. Syrians running out of ways to escape conflict: Red Cross
    As the civil war continues in war-torn Syria, International Committee of the Red Cross says a much deeper humanitarian crisis would unfold if attacks on medical workers and ambulances continued