1. Pakistan’s Shia Muslims on alert after Taliban double bombing
    Alarm spreads nationwide after holy month attacks in Rawalpindi and Karachi add to ongoing threats and drive-by shootings
  2. Attacks kill 36 people as D8 summit convenes
    Muslim leaders attended a rare summit in Pakistan yesterday after militant attacks killed 36 people across the country in some of the deadliest violence claimed by the Taliban for months.
  3. Lawmakers insult Shia at House
    Members of the beleaguered minority Shiite Muslim community of Sampang, Madura, were shocked on Thursday when House lawmakers answered their requests for aid with ethnic slurs and indifference.
  4. Shia killings failure of govt protection: Amnesty International
    NEW YORK: The killing of at least 25 people during religious processions on Wednesday highlights the continued failure of Pakistani authorities to protect Shias, Amnesty International said.
  5. Pakistan to suspend cell phone service to prevent attacks against Shiites, causing controversy
    ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s interior minister said Friday that the government will suspend cell phone service in most parts of the country over the next two days to prevent attacks against Shiite Muslims during a key religious commemoration.
  6. More than 40,000 killed since start of Syria conflict: monitor
    (Reuters) – More than 40,000 people have been killed in 20 months of conflict between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and those fighting for his overthrow, a violence monitoring group said on Friday.
  7. India seeks clear norms from Iran for wheat export
    NEW DELHI: India has asked Iran to lay down clear norms for wheat imports from the country in order to avoid further delay by the Iranian quarantine department, which is yet to give quality clearance to Indian shipments.
  8. Talks to defuse Iraq army-Kurdish standoff make little headway
    Baghdad: Talks to defuse a standoff between Iraqi troops and forces from the country’s autonomous Kurdish region made little progress on Thursday with both sides further reinforcing positions on their disputed internal border.