1. Syria airport road reopens but internet still cut
    SYRIAN rebels have battled regime troops south of Damascus as Internet and most telephone lines were cut for a second day, but the government reopened the road to the capital’s airport in a sign that the fighting could be calming, activists said.
  2. Iran Faces Anti-hemophilia Drugs Shortage
    BAKU (Azerbaijan) Nov 30 (Bernama)– Iran is facing a high shortage of drugs for treating hemophilia, said former CEO of Iran’s Hemophilia Treating Association Ahmed Ghavidel, Azerbaijan news agency TREND quoted local press as saying.
  3. Iran importing gold to evade economic sanctions, Turkish official says
    Istanbul (CNN) — Over the last six months, Iran has evaded U.S. sanctions by importing Turkish gold to pay for billions of dollars worth of energy sales to Turkey.
  4. Leaked report from Tehran says Iran “disappointed” with Assad
    A leaked report, sent to a major foreign embassy in Tehran, has highlighted a rift between Iran and Syrian president, Bashar al Assad, Al Arabiya reported.
  5. Iranian Embassy Attacked In Berlin
    After a number of individuals attacked the Iranian embassy in Berlin, Iran has called for a judicial confrontation with the perpetrators, and the German Foreign Minister has apologized to the Islamic Republic.
  6. The art of weaving outstanding quality carpets
    For many of us, carpets are nothing but a piece of rugged mat to trample upon and to keep the dust and mite away from the preserved area.
  7. Belief and bloodshed
    Despite unprecedented security measures to ensure peace in the holy month of Muharram, the government could not stop sectarian attacks on Shia Muslims.
  8. Iraq: targeting Shia Muslims
    Since the US’s withdrawal from the territory tensions between Shia, Kurdish and Sunni factions have been on the rise. Nouri al-Maliki, a Shia Muslim is accused by his rivals of trying to monopolize power.
  9. Gunmen kidnap 20 would-be Iraqi soldiers
    Tikrit: Gunmen kidnapped on Friday 20 men who were travelling from northern Iraq to Baghdad for medical tests needed to join the army, police and army officers said.
  10. German Government Slams Berlin After Iran Embassy Stormed
    German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle criticized the city of Berlin over security measures for diplomatic missions after protesters stormed the grounds of the Iranian embassy in the German capital.