1. Political Part of Karbala Friday Prayer Sermons
    The representative of the supreme religious authority and the preacher of Friday’s prayer ceremony in Kerbala’ Shaikh Abdul Mahdi EL-Kerbala’i called the debating parties for the necessity of appeasement and seeking peaceful talks focusing on going back to the constitutional principles and political agreements unanimously agreed upon.
  2. Anti-regime protests continue across Bahrain
    Anti-regime protests have been held in several cities across Bahrain as the Al Khalifa regime continues its crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in the country.
  3. French version of “Imam Mahdi (AS), Infallible Guide of Humanity” published
    French version of book by Iranian prominent cleric published in Paris to introduce the last survivor for the French readers of Islamic books.
  4. London Court discharges two Bahraini activists
    A judge at Marylebone Magistrate Court in Central London yesterday discharged two Bahraini activists who had climbed to the roof of the Bahrain’s Embassy earlier this year.
  5. Indonesia Urgent Appeal: East Java’s Shia Community Continues to be Denied Food and Water
    East Java’s Shia community continues to be denied food and water and faces continual persecution following the East Java Indonesian Council of Ulema division’s announcement declaring the Shia a deviant and heretic sect.
  6. New York demonstrators condemn Shia killings in Pakistan
    Hundreds of protesters have held a demonstration outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City to express outrage against the killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Press TV reports.
  7. Report: What does embarking on the demolition of the “mosques” again in Bahrain means?
    Report: What does embarking on the demolition of the “mosques” again in Bahrain means –despite the official documents-?
  8. Saudi authorities arrested two Shia youth from Qatif
    Saudi Wahhabi security forces arrested two Shia Muslims namely “Sayyid Aqeel Alawi Al Alawi” and Rabee’ Salah al-Khoneisi in Qatif city.
  9. Promotion of Shiite Ideology, Main Mission of Al-Mustafa University
    Promoting the culture and doctrine of Shiism all across the globe is the main mission of Al-Mustafa International University.