1. Iran launches own ‘YouTube’ website: state TV
    Tehran: Iran has launched its own video-sharing website to compete against Google’s popular YouTube whose content is deemed inappropriate by the Islamic regime, the state television reported on Sunday.
  2. U.S. and Russia still back Syria settlement: UN envoy
    (Reuters) – U.S. and Russian officials have given their commitment to a political solution for the deepening Syrian conflict, a United Nations envoy said on Sunday, but Moscow dismissed speculation it was preparing for President Bashar al-Assad’s exit.
  3. Rebels may get chemical weapons: Syrian govt
    Damascus: The Syrian government has expressed concerns over the possibility of foreign countries providing the rebels chemical weapons and later frame the ruling-government.
  4. Bahraini Opposition Welcomes Call for Initiate Dialogue
    The opposition groups, led by al-Wefaq, said in a statement on Saturday that it “looks favorably upon the appeal by the crown prince.” They also called for a “serious dialogue with agreement on the participants, agenda and duration.”
  5. One abducted Iranian pilgrim released in Syria
    One of the Iranian pilgrims who were kidnapped by the Syrian militants over four months ago has been released, reports say.
  6. Bahrain Sentences Opposition Leaders on Charges of Freedom of Expression
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern over the continued exploitation of civilian courts in the suppression of free speech, and particularly against political opposition leaders, which was most recently seen in the verdict against the leaders of the Islamic Action Society.
  7. Tens of thousands Pakistani women and children staged protest against Shia killings
    Tens of thousands Shia women and children staged a protest on Saturday against the attacks on the Shia female and male and also against the silence of Pakistani authorities over ongoing killing of innocent Shia Muslims.
  8. Syria crisis: a beseiged Damascus remains loyal to Assad
    Much of the Syrian capital remains firmly behind President Bashar al-Assad’s regime – if only for fear of what might replace it.
  9. Shia board slams Pak for attack onminorities in Pakistan
    LUCKNOW: The All India Shia Personal Law Board has condemned attacks on Shia Muslims, Hindus and Sikh natives in Pakistan. Addressing reporters, spokesperson of AISPLB, Maulana Yasoob Abbas said that Pakistan had anti-Islamic polices, which are responsible for atrocities on Hindu and Sikh communities in the country.
  10. Afghans attack Iran consulate over alleged killings
    AFP – Hundreds of angry demonstrators tried to storm the Iranian consulate in the western Afghan city of Herat on Sunday in protest at the alleged killing of Afghan immigrants by Iranian security forces.