1. Darul fatwa slams popular televangelist
    Darul Uloom, the globally influential Islamic seminary has slammed the religious views of controversial televangelist Dr Zakir Naik in a fatwa as doubtful, urging Muslims to avoid following him. The fatwa came in response to queries from people seeking clarifications on Naik’s teachings since Sunni Muslims either turn to Egypt’s Al-Azhar University or India’s Darul Uloom for guidance.
  2. London Rejects Plan for Mega-Mosque
    Authorities in London have rejected a controversial proposal by a radical Islamic group to build one of the largest mosques in the world near the city’s Olympic Stadium.
  3. Bahrain lawyer says court has reduced sentence to 2 years for jailed rights activist
    MANAMA, Bahrain – A defense lawyer says a Bahrain appeals court has reduced the prison sentence of a prominent human rights activist from three years to two.
  4. Syria interior ministry hit by explosions – state media
    The building of the Syrian interior ministry in the capital Damascus has been targeted by three explosions, according to state TV.
  5. Saudi-Backed Terrorists Murdered Two More Shia Muslims
    Excommunicator armed terrorists killed two Shia Muslims, Altaf Hussain in Quetta and Zaheer Hussain in Karachi of Pakistan.
  6. Indonesia Shia Muslims face persecution
    Religious leaders in Indonesia’s East Java Province have demanded that a community of Shia Muslims convert to Sunni Islam or be expelled from their village.
  7. Iraq-Saudi OPEC standoff over next oil curbs
    (Reuters) – A new rivalry at the top of the OPEC oil group has emerged, pitting up-and-coming Iraq against undisputed cartel heavyweight Saudi Arabia.
  8. Female Journalist Held In Syria Faces Possible Execution At Hands Of FSA
    The captors of a journalist in Syria are threatening to execute her tomorrow (13 December) unless their demands for a $50m ransom are met.
  9. US recognises Syrian opposition coalition
    President Obama says US now considers the National Coalition the sole “legitimate representative” of the Syrian people.
  10. MHA glare on hate channels: Govt puts on notice 24 foreign TV channels showing anti-India content after intel alert
    Hate channels which are illegally down-linked and freely available to viewers near the India-Pakistan and north-eastern borders have become important weapons in the psychological war against India.