1. Human Rights activists demand immediate end to Al Khalifa crackdown on Bahrainis
    Human rights activist have called for an immediate end to the ongoing heavy-handed crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain, Press TV reports.
  2. Iraqis Shia Muslim Major Victims of Terrorism in the World
    An international study showed that the Iraqis (Shia) represented more than a third of the victims of terrorism in the world between 2002 and 2011.
  3. Custodian of Mosque and His Nephew Martyred in Karachi
    At least 6 Shiite Muslims Altaf Hussain, Zaheer Abbas, Hashmat Hussain, Ashfaq Hussain, Syed Baqir Shah, Syed Bahawal Shah and have been killed in Pakistan in terrorists attacked by Saudi backed terrorists.
  4. Two killed, seven injured in Gilgit
    Two people, including a policeman, were killed and seven others injured after two students groups clashed in Gilgit on Wednesday.
  5. Bahrain tensions a trigger for Gulf turmoil
    The chant that has been part of the soundtrack of the uprisings in the Middle East since the beginning of 2011 is a rhythmic rendition of the words in Arabic that mean: “The people want the fall of the regime.”
  6. Bahrain’s monarchy stokes divisions between Sunni and Shiite
    MANAMA, Bahrain — Farida Ghulam settled down on a brocaded couch in her home in an upscale district of Manama. She’s a leader of the center-left Waad party. After pouring some strong, sweet tea, Ghulam explained how sectarian differences have begun to rip apart Bahraini life.
  7. New Bahrain talks call as violence grows
    MANAMA: Bahrain’s crown prince has made a renewed appeal for dialogue to end the political impasse in the Gulf kingdom, a call welcomed by the Shiite-led opposition, despite no end in sight to violent protests.
  8. Fears grow for Ukrainian reporter held hostage in Syria
    The Ukrainian government has appealed for the release of a Ukrainian journalist abducted in Syria two months ago amid reports her life is in danger.
  9. Refugee figures fail to give true picture of Syria crisis
    (CNN) — The U.N. reports that half a million people have registered as refugees from the Syrian civil war — but a recently returned Red Cross worker says the true figure is far higher because those fleeing are too scared to register.
  10. Iran hosts Intl. Conference on Muslim Women Scholars
    Iran has held the International Conference on Muslim Women Scholars, hosting researchers from different countries in the capital city of Tehran, Press TV reports.