1. Iran denies leader has Facebook page
    Iran denies its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has a Facebook account, saying a page that recently appeared was probably created by supporters.
  2. Iran thwarts US cyber attack: Report
    Tehran: Iran Tuesday thwarted a “cyber attack originated from the US city of Dallas via switches in Malaysia and Vietnam on one of Iranian culture ministry institutes,” Xinhua reported.
  3. Netanyahu launches re-election bid centred on Iran
    JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday put Iran at the top of on his re-election campaign, pledging that halting Tehran’s nuclear programme would be his first priority as premier.
  4. Iraq’s northern Kurdish region stops oil exports
    An Iraqi Kurdish official said on Tuesday that the country’s self-ruled northern Kurdish region has suspended oil exports over a payment row with Baghdad, a development that could add to already souring relations between the Kurds and the Arab-led central government.
  5. Christianity to ‘Disappear’ From Middle East
    Islam is on the brink of destroying Christianity in the Middle East, according to a study published by UK-based think tank Civitas on December 23. Rupert Shortt writes that “there is now a serious risk that Christianity will disappear from its biblical heartlands.”
  6. Assad inner circle takes hard line in Syria conflict
    AFP – The Syrian vice president’s criticism of leader Bashar al-Assad has highlighted the cracks in the regime’s highest ranks, pitting supporters of compromise against the president’s hardline inner circle.
  7. Six killed as Sunni leader targeted in Pakistan
    KARACHI, Dec 26, 2012 (AFP) – Gunmen opened fire on a car carrying a senior figure from an extremist Muslim Sunni group in the Pakistani city of Karachi on Tuesday, killing four policemen and two other people, police said.
  8. GCC Lashes Out at Iran, Calls for Transition in Syria
    The six Gulf states sharpened their tone against Iran on Tuesday, demanding an immediate halt to its “interference” in their internal affairs while urging a rapid political transition in its ally Syria, AFP reported.
  9. Female Afghan police attacker is Iranian: government
    KABUL, Dec 26, 2012 (AFP) – The female Afghan police officer who shot dead a NATO adviser in Kabul is an Iranian national who wanted to kill senior security members, officials said Tuesday.