1. Shiites demonstrate for unity in Iraq
    BASRA, Iraq, Jan. 9 (UPI) — Shiite demonstrators supporting the Iraqi government came out in force in southern Iraq, countering protests in mainly Sunni provinces, a report said.
  2. HRW slams authorities over Shia massacre in Quetta
    NEW YORK: The Pakistani government’s persistent failure to protect the minority Shia community from sectarian attacks by militant groups is reprehensible and amounts to complicity in the barbaric slaughter of Pakistani citizens, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.
  3. Martyrdom Anniversary of The Holy Prophet, Imam Hasan Mujtaba and Imam Reza (PBUT)
    28th Safar, Martyrdom Anniversary of Holy Prophet of Islam Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.) and Imam Hasan Mujtaba(A.S.), the Last Day of the Month of Safar the Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Reza (A.S.).
  4. Extended Detention of Bahraini Activist for HR Violations During a Protest
    Bahrain: Extended Detention for Human Rights Defender Said Yousif Al-Muhafdha for Exposing Human Rights Violations During a Protest via Twitter.
  5. Britain plays double game on Bahrain
    A British Foreign Office Minister has criticized the Bahraini regime for human rights abuses, while the UK government is considered as one of the most supportive of the Al Khalifa monarchy.
  6. Global Condemnation for Bahrain court Ruling against Opp. Leaders
    The appeals court ruling confirming prison terms for 13 protest leaders in Bahrain this week rose international condemnation all over the globe.
  7. Ban deeply regrets Bahraini courtˈs decision to uphold sentences against political activists
    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “deeply regrets” the decision of a Bahraini appeals court to uphold the sentences, including life imprisonment, against 20 Bahraini political activists, according to his spokesperson.
  8. Amnesty International demands release of Saudi Arabian women
    Amnesty International has demanded from Saudi Arabia government the release of a number of women incarcerated.
  9. UN, EU, UK, France, human rights groups censure Bahrain court ruling
    The UN, the EU, Britain, France, and human rights groups have criticized a Bahraini court decision upholding prison terms for 13 pro-democracy activists, including eight life sentences.
  10. Muslim youth display historic event of Karbala to portray real Islam in Canada
    An event of great value in the history of Islam has been displayed by an Islamic organization in Canada to honor the Martyrs of historic Karbala battle and most amazingly the display was performed inside of the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Hall which transformed this weekend into a life-size Islamic history lesson.