The Messenger of Allah said to Ali :

O Ali, on the Day of Judgement, you will be brought sitting on a pulpit of light. There will be a crown on your head that shines so brightly that it will almost blind people.

Allah will call out, “Where is the successor of Mohammad, the Messenger of Allah?”

Then, O Ali, you will say, “Here I am.”

Then the caller will say, “Those who loved you, let them enter Paradise, and those who were against you, send them to Hell.”

Therefore, you (Ali ) will divide those who go to Paradise and those who go to Hell, and this is an order from the All-Powerful King.
Ghaayah al-Maraam p 69 Al-Amaali p 295 Isbaat al-Hudaat v 3 p 402 Yanaabi al-Mawaddah p 83