1. A new sectarian plot against Iraq?
    Are the same forces that promote a sectarian conflict in Syria trying to do the same in Iraq?
  2. Khomeini’s Granddaughter On Iran’s ‘Critical Situation,’ Sanctions, Facebook
    According to Zahra Eshraghi, whose grandfather, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founded the Islamic republic, Iran “is on the edge of the precipice.”
  3. Iraq holds photo exhibit on smuggled national treasures
    Iraqi Tourism and Antiquities Ministry has organized a photo exhibition displaying the artifacts smuggled to outside the country, Press TV reports.
  4. Sistani Warns Against Sectarianism in Iraq
    Senior Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani called on the political parties in Iraq to “avoid sectarian rhetoric and to sit down at the dialogue table.”
  5. Iran to Unveil 6 New Biotechnological Products on Thursday
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is scheduled to unveil 6 new home-made biotechnological products in a ceremony in Tehran on Thursday.
  6. Iran renews plan to send monkey into space: reports
    Tehran: Iran will try again to send a live monkey into space after a previous attempt failed in 2011, media reports said on Tuesday quoting the space chief, who gave a launch date of before mid-February.
  7. EXCLUSIVE – Iran charters oil ship with Indian insurance: sources
    (Reuters) – A loophole in an Indian insurance scheme has allowed Iran’s state-run tanker company NITC to bolster oil exports by chartering a vessel insured by India’s state-run firms, industry and shipping sources said on Tuesday.
  8. UN nuclear watchdog eyes Iran deal, Parchin visit
    Vienna: The United Nations (UN) nuclear watchdog said on Tuesday it hoped to gain access to the Parchin military site during a visit to Iran this week aimed at unblocking an investigation into suspected atom bomb research in the Islamic state.
  9. Texas credit union marketed to Shia Muslims takes shape
    Muslim investors in Texas have filed paperwork to form the Jafari No-Interest Credit Union.
  10. Grief rejuvenates dormant Shia groupings
    ISLAMABAD: The peaceful protests by the Hazara and other Shia groups, which led to the dismissal of the Balochistan government and the imposition of Governor’s rule in the province, were not spontaneous but the result of meticulous planning and coordination.