1. Syria conflict: UN says refugee crisis in Jordan ‘critical’
    Up to 26,500 Syrian refugees have crossed the border into Jordan since 1 January, according to the United Nations Refugee Council.
  2. Abuse in UK’s Iraq occupation was ‘systemic’
    The UK government is facing more allegations of vicious abuse in its Iraqi prisons during the occupation. Now, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the invasion, lawyers want to prove that the abuse was systemic.
  3. Zarih of Imam Hussein (AS) Replaced
    During a ceremony on Monday, January 21, replacing the old Zarih (outer sarcophagus enclosure of the holy shrine) of Imam Hussein (AS) with a new one started.
  4. 42 Shia Muslims Martyred in a Suicide Bomb by Saudi-Backed Terrorists in Iraq
    At least 42 Shia people have been martyred and over 88 injured as a suicide bomb hits a mosque during a funeral north of the Iraqi capital city, Baghdad.
  5. Iraqi security forces arrest 250 Saudi-backed terrorists
    Iraqi security forces have arrested 250 Saudi-backed Wahhabi terrorists in Iraq, reports say.
  6. Bahraini court hands down prison sentence for dead activist
    A court in Bahrain has handed down a three-year prison sentence to an anti-regime activist and protester who died in detention last year.
  7. Bahrain Appeals Court Upholds Death and Life Sentences Related to the Pro-democracy Popular Movement
    The Appeals Court in Bahrain has issued verdicts Wednesday 23rd upholding a death sentence to a Bahraini youth, Ali al-Tawil, and a life sentence to another named Ali al-Shamlool. The harsh sentences are related to the popular pro-democracy movement that has erupted in February 2011.
  8. Bahraini princess ‘Noura Bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa’ faces torture charges
    A Bahraini princess has been charged with torturing pro-democracy activists detained in the country, a report says.
  9. Pakistan: Terrorists Killed Shia Man ‘Naber Ali Khan’ in Gilgit
    Shiite, Naber Ali Khan martyred when terrorists opened fire at him in Gilgit’s Shoti Aliabad Basin Board.
  10. SGH superintendent another Shia killing, police suspect
    KARACHI: Police investigators believed that Professor Dr Hassan Alam, the additional medical superintendent of Sindh Government Hospital, was shot dead over sectarian basis.