1. Iran reformists, hardliners debate ‘free’ elections
    TEHRAN – A heated debate about who will be allowed to run in Iran’s presidential election has erupted five months before the vote, stoking concerns about a repeat of the protests that followed the contested 2009 poll.
  2. Turkey training anti-Iraq Ba’athi militants: Turkish media
    The Turkish military is reportedly training the members of a Ba’athi group called “Free Iraqi Army” to pave the ground for taking down the government of Iraqi Premier Nuri al-Maliki.
  3. Iraq Shiite Mosque Suicide Attacker ‘Escaped Jail’
    A suicide bomber who killed 42 people at a funeral in a Shiite mosque this week had escaped from prison in an al-Qaida jail break in September, a provincial politician claimed on Saturday.
  4. Aid cut for displaced Indonesian Shiites
    Indonesia’s legal aid organisation says local authorities have stopped giving food to a group of Shiite Muslims, who were left homeless after religious violence.
  5. Continuing expanding the holy shrine of Imam Hussain & developing the area between the two holy shrines
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The specialized personnel of the Imam Hussein holy shrine and the executing agencies progressively proceeding work on developing the area between the two holy shrines, and expanding the Imam Hussein holy shrine.
  6. 18th Quran & Hadith Olympiad of Al-Mustafa Int’l University Kicks off
    The final stage of the 18th International Quran and Hadith Olympiad of Al-Mustafa International University began in Qom Saturday morning.
  7. Bahraini anti-regime protesters arrested, beat by security forces in Manama
    Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have fire tear gas to disperse anti-regime demonstrators, who took to the streets in the capital, Manama, in defiance of a regime ban on protests.
  8. Nationwide Prayer in Syrian Mosques for Security and Stability in Syria
    Amid wide public participation, a nationwide prayer was performed on Friday in Syrian mosques to pray to God to restore security and stability to the homeland.
  9. Pakistan: How Terrorists Kill Shia Muslims? Phone Calls That Often Lead to Murder
    “You are a Shia, an infidel. Your doom is nearing,” says an ominous voice from the other end of the phone.
  10. Attack on Shia mosque by man in cleric’s garb, says mayor
    Kirkuk, Iraq: The mayor of the Iraqi town where a suicide bomber killed 42 people at a funeral said yesterday that the attack was launched by a man disguised as a cleric.