1. Daughters demand contact with detained Iran opposition couple
    DUBAI (Reuters) – Two leading Iranian opposition figures held under house arrest for almost two years have been denied contact with their children, their daughters said in a statement published on Saturday.
  2. Iran to establish first geotourism centre in Aras Free Zone
    Iran is planning to establish the country’s first geotourism research center in Aras Free Zone in a bid to foster scientific research on geopark and geological issues.
  3. India: Western Sanctions Unable to Impair Relations with Iran
    TEHRAN (FNA)- New Delhi will not succumb to the western pressures to decrease the level of ties with Iran and will not impose the US-orchestrated sanctions against Tehran, an Indian official said on Sunday.
  4. Iran formally snubs European Union after oil, gas bans
    TEHRAN: Iran’s oil ministry spokesman says all crude oil and gas exports have been banned to the 27-nation European Union, which has already imposed its own boycott on Iranian energy imports as part of sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program.
  5. Bahrain regime turns Manama into a terror zone
    Bahrain conducted mass arrests amidst its brutal crackdown on citizens who gathered in the heart of the Capital Manama to protest for democracy.
  6. Bahraini Youth Kidnapped and Tortured by Police to Force Him to Work as an Informer
    Police officers did not find anything after searching these homes, and upon returning empty-handed to Hasan, one of the officers placed Mushaima’s hand on the metal inside the police jeep, then reportedly told Mushaima to choose between a knife and a hammer. When Mushaima refused to respond, the officer hit Mushaima’s hand with a hammer 6 times.
  7. Bahrainis stage sit-in outside Saudi embassy in London
    Bahraini nationals, residing in London, have staged a sit-in protest outside Saudi Embassy in the British capital, demanding that Saudi army’s troops leave Bahrain.
  8. Amnesty International: Indonesia must end religious discrimination
    Amnesty International has called on Indonesia to end discrimination against religious minorities in the country and guarantee the safe return of Shia Muslims to their homes.
  9. Mysterious Death of a Shia Woman in Saudi
    Saudi Health Affairs confirmed the mysterious death of Saudi Shia woman after receiving corrupted blood, Alegt.com reports.
  10. Iraq MPs appeal for calm after protesters killed
    FALLUJAH, Iraq: Iraqi MPs assigned to investigate the killing of eight anti-government protesters by troops appealed for calm on a visit to the town on Sunday and pledged to publish their findings within days.