1. Bahrain must stop jailing journalists, Reporters Without Borders says
    Reporters Without Borders has censured Bahrain for imprisoning journalists and human rights activists.
  2. Saudis protest in Riyadh again, calling for release of prisoners
    Saudi protesters have once again taken to the streets in Riyadh, calling for the release of prisoners detained during anti-regime demonstrations.
  3. Bahrain opposition parties’ vision of a serious dialogue
    Bahrain national opposition parties delivered a letter to the Bahrain Justice minister detailing their vision for a serious and fruitful dialogue and the problematic matters linked with the call for dialogue to discuss the political crisis in Bahrain.
  4. Bahrain: Chants Leader at Opposition Rally Interrogated and Detained
    This is for several times that Mahdi Sahwan was called for interrogation after a rally and questioned about his political slogans.
  5. Suppression of peaceful Bahraini protesters in Manama
    Bahraini regime forces have attacked protesters in the capital, Manama, who had taken to the streets to respond to a call by opposition groups to rally in the city.
  6. Leaked documents revealed UK-Qatari plot against Syria
    Leaked documents from a UK-based defense contractor has revealed a Qatari proposal to the firm to counterfeit a plan to claim that Syria has given the go-ahead for the use of chemical weapons in the country.
  7. IAEA says no indications of blast at Iran nuclear site
    The UN atomic agency said on Wednesday that it had no indications that an explosion took place at an Iranian nuclear facility, as reported by Israeli and US media.
  8. Israeli Warplanes Strike Inside Syria
    Israeli warplanes struck inside Syria Wednesday for the first time in five years. Reports about the airstrike have differed in some details, and Israel has been silent about its action.
  9. Graveyard: SC for negotiated settlement between Shia and Sunni
    The Supreme Court today favoured a negotiated settlement between Shia and Sunni communities to the 150-year-old dispute on ownership of Doshipura graveyard in Varanasi while directing the Uttar Pradesh Government to hold an inquiry to ascertain the “usage” of the property.
  10. Changes To Iran’s Election Law Seen As Attempt To Prevent Ahmadinejad Influence
    Iran’s Guardians Council has approved changes to the country’s election law that significantly diminish the government’s authority over elections.