1. Bahrain opposition: the people of Bahrain will remain in streets until demands are met
    The Bahraini national opposition parties stressed that the political majority of the people will remain in streets and will not give up on its rightful demands for real democracy like the world nations, in which the final say is for the people. These demands have been repeatedly and very clearly announced and are understood by everyone.
  2. Familes of Lebanese hostages taking matter into own hands
    After a fruitless eight months, the families of nine Lebanese Shia pilgrims kidnapped by an armed group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army are fed up with the lack of action, and are taking matters into their own hands.
  3. Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Demolish Prophet Muhammad Mosque is a US and Israeli Scenario
    The measure by the government of Saudi Arabia merely substantiates the idea that the rulers of the country are subservient and submissive to the Zionist [regime] and obey the orders dictated by Israel and the US.” Iranian lawmaker Naser Mousavi Largani
  4. Shiite man ‘Mukhtar Rizvi’ shot martyred by Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists in Karachi
    Syed Mukhtar Ali Rizvi embraced martyrdom shortly here in Gulbahar area of Karachi when terrorists sprayed him with bullets on a shop.
  5. Pakistan Shia Killings: Wahhabi Terrorists Kill 4, Including a Father and Son
    Saudi-funded terrorists shot martyred 4 Shia Muslims in different areas of Pakistan on Saturday and Sunday. Amjad Ali Zaidi and Asif Ali Zaidi and Qamar Raza martyred in Karachi, Basheer Bacha, a Sunni Muslim recently converted to Shia, in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa.
  6. Talks on Bahrain crisis begin
    Bahrain’s government and opposition have held reconciliation talks for the first time since July 2011 to try to end two years of political deadlock in the strategically vital Gulf Arab island kingdom.
  7. OP-ED: Obama and Bahrain: How to Save Al-Khalifa Rule
    WASHINGTON, Feb 12 (IPS) – Despite the start of a government-inspired dialogue with the opposition Sunday, the Bahraini government continues to jail dissidents, arrest demonstrators, and use a rigged judicial system to convict them.
  8. Rebels seize Syria’s largest dam
    Syrian rebels have captured the country’s largest dam after days of intense clashes, giving them control over water and electricity supplies for much of the country.
  9. UN concern over Iran arrests
    GENEVA: Three UN human rights watchdogs last night expressed concern over Iran’s reported arrest of family members of detained opposition figure Mir Hossein Mousavi, who they said should also be set free.
  10. Syria-Turkey border blast kills at least 13
    An explosion on the Syrian border with Turkey killed at least 13 people and wounded dozens of others, in the latest sign that Syria’s civil war is destabilising its neighbours.