1. Iran defeats US in Wrestling World Cup
    Iran defeated the United States in the fourth round of the Wrestling World Cup Thursday after the Iranians won six out of the seven matches in the event held in Tehran’s Azadi Sport Complex, a U.S. wrestling official told FoxNews.com.
  2. Iran demands end to coercive diplomacy
    As the countdown for nuclear talks hosted by Kazakhstan begins, Iran has counselled the global powers to abandon their strategy of combining pressure and dialogue, and replace it with a policy of genuine engagement, based on “mutual respect”.
  3. Bahrain must offer more than talk
    TWO YEARS after protests erupted in the tiny kingdom of Bahrain, King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa has finally announced talks with the political opposition. But the people of Bahrain need more than just talk. The largest opposition party, al-Wefaq, faces popular pressure to withdraw from negotiations. Many in Bahrain have lost faith in the royal family’s willingness to implement democratic reform.
  4. VOICES: Forced into Hiding in Bahrain But Speaking Out
    I’ve been in hiding for the past two years. The Bahraini government imprisoned me from August 2010 to February 2011, and it was obvious I would be rearrested; so I went underground.
  5. Iran’s Iraq strategy revealed in battle for Shi’ites’ spiritual center in Najaf
    It was hoped the overthrow of Saddam would herald a new age of democracy and growth in Iraq. Instead chaos, destruction and inter-faction bloodshed followed.
  6. Work starts on Najaf’s first vehicular tunnel
    Najaf’s local government last week gave the green light to the region’s first vehicular tunnel, located in the Najaf city centre to reduce choking traffic jams.
  7. Shia Slaughter
    The protests by the Hazara Shia community in Quetta, Balochistan came to an end Tuesday when Islamabad promised to launch “targeted” operations against Sunni extremist groups.
  8. Hyderabad blasts: Terror visits city once again, two explosions in Dilsukh Nagar
    Hyderabad: Terror struck Hyderabad once again. At around seven in the evening twin bomb blasts rocked the city’s Dilsukh Nagar area on Thursday with at least twelve people feared dead in the explosions.
  9. Car bomb hits heart of Damascus, 53 killed
    BEIRUT: A car bomb killed 53 people and wounded 200 in central Damascus on Thursday when it blew up on a busy highway close to ruling Baath Party offices and the Russian embassy, Syrian TV said.
  10. Suicide bombers kill three police in Iraq’s Mosul city
    MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – Three suicide bombers targeted checkpoints in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul late on Thursday, killing three policemen, police sources said.