1. Bahrain: No Progress on Reform
    (Manama) – Bahrain’s rulers have made no progress on key reform promises, failing to release unjustly imprisoned activists or to hold accountable high-level officials responsible for torture, Human Rights Watch said today at a news conference in Manama.
  2. Gwynne Dyer: Saudi hand in Bahrain crackdown
    No Western Govt will condemn suppression of pro-democracy activists because that would seriously rile Riyadh.
  3. Iran steps up arrests, torture, executions of dissidents -U.N
    GENEVA (Reuters) – Iran has stepped up executions of prisoners including juveniles as well as arrests of dissidents who are often tortured in jail, sometimes to death, the United Nations reported on Thursday.
  4. Iraqi officials: Car bomb outside restaurant in Shiite area in Baghdad, other blasts kill 22
    BAGHDAD — A series of bombings struck Baghdad and towns south of the Iraqi capital on Thursday, killing at least 22 and wounding dozens in areas that are home to mostly Muslim Shiites — the latest evidence of rising sectarian discord in Iraq.
  5. Jakarta Condones Religious Violence
    Indonesian officials, including members of the cabinet, encourage attacks on religious minorities, including Shia Muslims.
  6. Pakistan’s Shia Muslims take up arms over attacks
    Ismatullah holds an AK-47 and checks vehicles on the road. “Enough is enough. We have no trust in the security forces any more and we’ll protect our community ourselves,” says the teenage Shiite student.
  7. Bahrain Shia’s demands human rights from government / Middle East News
    Seven Shia Muslim men, three of whom are minors, have received 10-year jail sentences in Bahrain protesters as rights group claim ‘torture’ of activists.
  8. Is the U.S. kowtowing to Iran in nuclear talks?
    THE MOST interesting public result of the latest talks with Iran on its nuclear program was the claim by Tehran’s chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili, that the new negotiating proposal from the United States and five partners was a possible “turning point” in what has been nearly a decade of fruitless diplomacy.
  9. Shia community demands trial of LJ’s Malik Ishaq
    QUETTA: The Hazara community on Saturday demanded that Lashkar-i-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq be put on trial, a day after he was arrested following deadly sectarian attacks in the city of Quetta.