1. Iran dismisses UN human rights report: Spokesman
    Tehran: The Iranian government dismissed a recent report by the UN special investigator on human rights in Iran, local media reported on Sunday.
  2. Martyrdom of Two More Shia Muslims in Pakistan
    Two more Shia Muslims including a doctor have been killed in Karachi by Saudi-backed terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
  3. Amnesty International: Saudi Arabia must stop playing ‘cat and mouse’ game with peaceful protesters
    “This cat and mouse game authorities in Saudi Arabia are playing is, simply, outrageous” Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International
  4. Iran Produces Material for Rare Hypertension, Chemotherapy Medicines
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran announced on Sunday that its pharmaceutical research and production centers have produced four basic materials needed for the production of rare drugs for chemotherapy, pulmonary hypertension treatment and curing blood coagulation problems.
  5. Introduction to Imam Husain Islamic Centre in Malawi
    Imam Hussein Islamic center is a centre affiliated to Al Mustafa University in the capital city of Malawi and works in the educational and cultural fields.
  6. Bahraini regime forces attack peaceful protesters
    Saudi-backed regime forces in Bahrain have attacked demonstrators in the capital who were protesting against the government’s heavy-handed crackdown on their peaceful movement.
  7. Iraq: Blast at Karbala Close to Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain, Casualties Reported
    According to reports, a huge blast heard at holy city of Karbala, at Bain ul Haramain, (between Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and Hadrat Abbas Holy Shrine).
  8. Shia’s first biggest orphanage centre in Kashmir
    Al Masomeen Yateem Trust is the biggest orphanage trust of Shias after Sunnis Jammu and Kashmir Yateem Trust in Kashmir located at the Shia dominated area.
  9. Separate attacks in Shiite-dominated areas in Iraq kill 4, wound 14, officials say
    BAGHDAD — Three separate attacks in Shiite-dominated areas on Sunday in central Iraq have killed at least four people and wounded 14, officials said.
  10. Shi’ite fighters rally to defend Sunni-targeted Damascus shrine
    In a new sign of sectarian violence plague war-torn Syria, Shi’ite fighters from Iraq, Lebanon and Syrian are readying themselves to defend their shrines after hardline Sunnis announced it is targeted