1. Qantas planes sold to Iran
    US investigators foiled a sophisticated plot to funnel three jumbo jets originally owned by Qantas to Iran, in defiance of strict trade sanctions.
  2. Exclusive: India set to halt Iran oil imports over insurance – MRPL
    (Reuters) – India is set to halt all crude imports from Iran because insurance companies in the country have said refineries processing the oil will no longer be covered due to Western sanctions, the head of refiner MRPL said on Friday.
  3. Iran’s Ahmadinejad criticized over Chavez remarks
    (Reuters) – Senior Iranian clerics have criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for saying Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will be resurrected alongside Jesus Christ and the hidden imam who Shi’ite Muslims believe will rise up to bring world peace.
  4. Syria: West’s Legitimacy Collapses as it Props up Hostage-Taking Terrorists
    The so-called “Syrian rebels” have taken dozens of UN peacekeepers hostage, demanding the Syrian Army withdraw its troops from its own nation’s territory. The UN has confirmed that their peacekeepers are indeed being held hostage by what they call “rebels,” and has demanded their release.
  5. Iraq 10 years on: The Shia are in power in Iraq – but not in control
    On paper Iraq’s religious majority also runs the country. In reality, sectarian divisions make it virtually ungovernable
  6. Google says FBI spies on its clients
    Google Inc. has revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spies on and monitors the private information of its clients.
  7. EU to impose new sanctions on Iran: European diplomats
    The European Union is planning to impose sanctions on nine Iranians over allegations of violations of human rights, EU diplomats say.
  8. ‘Indian-origin jihadis’ fighting in Syria against Assad regime
    NEW DELHI: Indian-origin jihadi fighters have been found fighting along with the rebels in the raging civil war in Syria. “This is one of the reasons why we think India should play a more pro-active role, because this expanding conflict will not leave anyone untouched,” said Bouthaini Shabaan, political adviser to Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad, in a conversation with TOI. She quoted UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi as saying that there were almost 38 nationalities of fighters in war-torn Syria.
  9. Syria UN hostages talks continue
    Negotiations to free 21 Filipino peacekeepers held hostage by Syrian rebels are continuing, despite earlier hopes the group would be released by Friday morning, the Philippines says.
  10. Hazara Shia hounded in Pakistan
    More than 180 Hazara Shia have been killed since January in what they say is an atmosphere of impunity and hatred.