1. Triple Bomb Blasts Rock Damascus
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Three terrorist explosions rocked overcrowded districts of the Syrian capital on Saturday.
  2. Saudi Arabia Jails Two Prominent Rights Activists for 10 Years
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A Saudi court sentenced two prominent political and human rights activists on Saturday to at least 10 years in prison for offences that included speaking to foreign media.
  3. MP Urges UNSC to Call for Extraordinary Session on Massacre of Pakistani Shiites
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi called on the UN Security Council to hold an extraordinary session to study and adopt a proper reaction to the ongoing massacre of the Shiite community in Pakistan.
  4. Shiite Leader: Sectarian Attacks Are ‘Genocide’
    Pakistan’s minority Shiite Muslims have started using the word “genocide” to describe a violent spike in attacks against them by a militant Sunni group with suspected links to the country’s security agencies and a mainstream political party that governs the largest province.
  5. Wave of terror: Anti-Shia propaganda and threats emerge in Lahore
    After terrorist attacks against Shias in Karachi and Balochistan, the Shia community in Lahore is getting threats, The Express Tribune has learnt.
  6. Rebels in Syria Release U.N. Peacekeepers to Jordan, Easing Crisis in Border Zone
    ANTAKYA, Turkey — Syrian rebels released 21 detained United Nations peacekeepers to Jordanian forces on Saturday, ending a three-day standoff that raised new tensions in the region and new questions about the fighters just as the United States and other nations were grappling over whether to allow more arms to flow to the rebel movement.
  7. UN peacekeepers seized in Syria arrive safe in Jordan
    Twenty-one Filipino UN peacekeepers seized by Syrian rebels on the Golan Heights arrived in Jordan on Saturday, hours after their captors released them from an ordeal of more than three days.
  8. Pentagon probing Iraq torture allegations
    The Pentagon is investigating allegations linking the U.S. military to human rights abuses in Iraq by interior ministry police units who operated a network of detention and torture centers during the U.S.-led occupation.
  9. Obama Administration Stonewalls Inquiry into Radioactive Weapon Use in Iraq
    Efforts to determine the health and environmental risks of depleted uranium (DU) weaponry in Iraq have been hampered by the Obama administration. DU, which makes shell and bullet casings harder and more capable of piercing armor, can contaminate the environment and contribute to health problems, including cancer and birth defects.
  10. Saudi Arabia: Disclose Whereabouts of Jordanian Activist
    Khaled al-Natour’s family has been waiting in agony for two months with no information regarding his fate from Saudi or Jordanian authorities. The Saudi government should immediately disclose his condition and whereabouts, and grant him access to family members and lawyers.