1. All Pakistan shia conference to decide about the fate of shia community in forth coming election
    ISLAMABAD (INP): A meeting of the central executive of the All Pakistan Shia Conference held here today under the chairmanship of Dr. Ghazanfer Mehdi, Chairman of All Pakistan Shia Conference in which the political scenario of the country was reviewed.
  2. Bahrain court acquits Shia rights activist: lawyer
    DUBAI: A Bahrain court on Monday acquitted leading Shia rights activist Yousif al-Muhafda who was on trial for spreading false news, his lawyer Mohammed al-Jishi wrote on his Twitter account.
  3. Bomb victim’s families disappointed by official’s inaction
    It was perhaps a doomsday for the dwellers of Pakistan’s Abbas Town when a massive bomb explosion turned their world up side down.
  4. Indonesia – Food and Water Reinstated for Hundreds of Sampand Shia Refugees at Sports Complex
    Following campaign efforts by an IHRC-led delegation in Sampang, food and water supplies were final reinstated at the Sampang sports complex where 274 Shia individuals are currently refugees.
  5. Senior Turkish Shia Scholar: Those Who Killed Hussein in the Past, Are Killing Us Today
    In the Friday Prayer which was prayed in Zeynebiye Mosque, Istanbul thousands of people took part and Selahattin Ozgunduz, renowned Turkish Shiite scholar made important analysis on the current issues.
  6. Syrian Grand Mufti: Syria Will Overcome Crisis…Army Responsible for Protecting Homeland
    Syria’s Grand Mufti, Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun stressed that Syria is today threatened by the most advanced countries and by some of the regional countries as it constitutes a brilliant example of the civilized nation.
  7. Syria: Child Martyred, Nine Injured after Targeting Kindergarten Microbus by Terrorists
    Terrorists on Sunday targeted a kindergarten microbus near Dahiat al-Assad Roundabout in Harasta in Damascus Countryside as a child was martyred and nine children were injured, some of them are in a critical situation.
  8. Syrian Supreme Iftaa Council: Defending Unified Syria Duty on All Syrians
    Supreme Iftaa Council in the Syrian Arab Republic said that defending the unified Syria and the Syrian people is a duty on all Syrian people as it is a duty on the Arab, Islamic countries.
  9. Saudi Shia religious scholar: Takfiri strategies lead to massacre
    “Takfiri method and extremist strategies lead to massacring people in the Islamic World,” said of the religious scholars in Saudi Arabia.
  10. SG of Imam Hussein holy shrine rewards the contributors of new Zarih
    The Secretariat-General of the Imam Hussein holy shrine Shaikh Abdul Mahdy EL-Kerbala’I rewarded the technical personnel who made the new holy windowed cage of the tomb of Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h).