1. Why Ahmadinejad’s greatest enemies may be in Iran
    When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was publicly slammed by Iran’s religious clerics for hugging the mother of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at his funeral and predicting he would rise again like Jesus Christ and the Hidden Imam, the outside world got a glimpse at the internal political tensions brewing inside the country.
  2. Syria accuses Jordan of opening borders for jihadists
    Damascus accuses Jordan of opening its borders and permitting the entrance of weapons coming from Saudi Arabia, claiming it could ‘intensify the conflict’
  3. U.S. exempts Syria’s opposition forces from sanctions
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government said Friday it would allow American citizens, companies and banks to send money to Syrian opposition forces struggling to topple President Bashar al-Assad.
  4. EU fails to agree on sending arms to Syria rebels
    Leaders at a European Union summit on Friday failed to agree on whether they should send arms to Syrian rebels on the second anniversary of the uprising that has escalated a full-scale civil war.
  5. Protesters, policemen injured in Bahrain clashes
    At least 10 civilians and several policemen were injured in Bahrain on Thursday during protests to mark the second anniversary of the arrival of Saudi forces which helped crush a pro-democracy uprising, an opposition group and the government said.
  6. Shia-Sunni Friction Growing In Egypt
    Some of Egypt’s leading Islamist parties are planning a demonstration this week in Tahrir Square to protest what they believe are warming relations between Iran and Egypt. Their concerns are not focused solely on a possible diplomatic rapprochement, but what they fear more — creeping Shiism in Sunni lands.
  7. Pakistani Shiites condemn government after bombings
    KARACHI, Pakistan — On the fearful advice of his father, 20-year-old Hussain Buksh recently fled this violent port city for Lahore, a calmer northern metropolis where Shiite Muslims like him are less likely to be assassinated for their beliefs. Last week, the soft-featured young man came back here to bury his father, one of at least 50 people killed when a truck packed with explosives detonated in the family’s mainly Shiite neighborhood.