1. Saudi protesters stage anti-regime demonstration in Awamiyah
    Demonstrators in Saudi Arabia have staged another protest rally against the Al Saud regime in the eastern town of Awamiyah.
  2. The photos Saudi Arabia doesn’t want seen – and proof Islam’s most holy relics are being demolished in Mecca
    The Washington-based Gulf Institute estimates that 95 per cent of Mecca’s millennium-old buildings have been demolished in the past two decades alone.
  3. CNN: 300 US-Trained Terrorists Return to Syria From Jordan
    A source revealed that the first Syrian ‘rebels’ trained by the US military in Jordan returned to Syria, CNN website said.
  4. Indonesians ponder how to promote tolerance
    Religious leaders, academics and regular citizens call for increased dialogue in order to foster co-existence and better relations among the country’s faiths.
  5. Pakistan: A Handicapped Shia Muslim Martyred in Takfiri Terrorist Attack
    Militants of Sipah-e-Sahaba shot martyred a handicapped Shia Muslim in Landhi Karachi.
  6. Bahraini Forces Attacked Several Mosques, Dozens Hurt During Protests
    Bahraini troops targeted a mosque in the northern village of Daih with tear gas, preventing people from praying in the house of worship.
  7. Iraqis protest sectarian violence in Kut
    Tens of thousands of people have taken to streets in the southeastern Iraqi city of Kut to express their anger at sectarian violence in the country.
  8. US seeks to expand assassination drone attacks to Syria: Report
    The CIA is considering a secret contingency plan to expand the US assassination drone strikes to Syria, former and current American officials say.
  9. Germany’s Pakistani community protests against sectarian violence
    As sectarian violence continues in their homeland, Pakistanis in Germany are trying to raise awareness about the suffering and put pressure on their government to take effective action against extremist groups.
  10. 3 killed, 9 wounded in attacks in Iraq
    BAGHDAD, March 16 — Two soldiers and a civilian were killed, and nine people wounded in separate bombings and shootings in Iraq on Saturday, the police said.