1. Bahrainis stage two anti-regime demonstrations
    Bahrainis have staged another round of anti-regime demonstrations, in defiance of the harsh crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters in the Persian Gulf country.
  2. Kuwait Court Toughens Online Activist’s Jail Term
    Kuwait’s appeals court on Wednesday toughened the jail term of an opposition tweeter to five years for calling for a coup and insulting the emir of the Gulf state.
  3. Search and Destroy: The Rape of Iraq
    First thing we do, let’s kill all mythographers (lawyerly or not): the rape of Iraq is the biggest, man-made humanitarian disaster of our times.
  4. Syrian terrorists to receive UK chemical kits
    The UK government is supplying hundreds of chemical weapons detection and protection kits to foreign-backed terrorists fighting the popular government of Syria since a European Union
  5. Diplomatic impunity not to block justice in drunk Saudi case: Iran
    A high-ranking Iranian official says the Islamic Republic will follow up on the recent deadly car crash caused by a drunk Saudi diplomat in Tehran, and will not allow the envoy escape justice through diplomatic impunity.
  6. Supreme Court holds first secret session over Iran case
    (Reuters) – Supreme Court held the first secret session in its history on Thursday to consider evidence about an Iranian bank’s alleged links to Tehran’s nuclear programme that the British government does not want to make public.
  7. Top Sunni Muslim cleric among dead in Syria bomb blast
    A suicide bombing tore through a mosque in the Syrian capital Thursday, killing a top Sunni Muslim preacher and longtime supporter of President Bashar Assad along with at least 13 other people.
  8. Saudi Arabia Shia leaders criticise arrests
    A number of Shia community leaders in Saudi Arabia have signed a statement condemning the recent arrest of 16 Shia citizens on allegations of spying.
  9. Iran Election Watch 2013: Twenty four presidential candidates emerge
    The 2013 Iranian presidential election began in earnest this February with the emergence of the first candidates. A recent Fars News Agency report from mid-March now gives us our first look at this election cycle’s crop of candidates, 24 in all, competing to becoming Iran’s next president.