1. Iran besieged by quakes but no deaths reported
    In the first days of the Iranian New Year, three locations in Iran were hit by significant earthquakes that reportedly did not cause any fatalities or damage.
  2. 17 soldiers killed in attack in NW Pakistan
    At least 17 Pakistani soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack at a check post in North Waziristan tribal region, the military says.
  3. Bahrain Blocks Marches for Jailed Rights Activist
    Security forces in Bahrain have fired tear gas to prevent protesters from reaching the house of a jailed human rights activist who is the focus of an international campaign seeking his release.
  4. Twitter is for clowns: Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti
    Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti has criticized the social media website Twitter as a “council of clowns” and a place for those who “unleash unjust, incorrect and wrong tweets.”
  5. In Saudi Arabia, Shiite Muslims Challenge Ban On Protests
    Editor’s note: When Arab Spring protests broke out in Saudi Arabia in 2011, the government reacted quickly, pumping $130 billion into the economy and cracking down on dissent.
  6. Lebanon without government as Syria simmers
    Lebanon without a government after the surprise resignation of premier Najib Mikati as country battles deep divisions fuelled by the civil war in neighbouring Syria
  7. EU divided over approach to Syria conflict
    The European Union was left divided today over how to increase its help to the Syria n opposition after talks between foreign ministers failed to bridge differences on whether to exempt the rebels from an EU arms embargo.
  8. Syria rebels seize key military base in Daraa
    Rebels fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday seized a key air base in the southern Syrian province of Daraa after two weeks of fierce battles with loyalist troops, a watchdog said. Meanwhile, in Damascus’s ancient Umayyad mosque, thousands of Assad supporters
  9. 3 killed in attack on Shiite representative to Yemeni national dialogue
    SANAA, March 23 — A Yemeni Shiite group said Saturday that three bodyguards of its representative to a national reconciliation dialogue were killed in the capital Sanaa.
  10. Baghdad inaugurated as ‘Arab Capital of Culture’ for 2013
    Baghdad was inaugurated as the 2013 Arab Capital of Culture on Saturday, the latest in a series of steps which officials hope will put Iraq back on the map after decades of conflict.