1. Salafis to lobby against rapprochement with Iran
    The Salafi Dawah and the Nour Party are launching campaigns against Egypt’s warming ties with Iran, leading Salafi sources have told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
  2. Prosecutors Demand 12-Year Jail Term for Shiite Murderer
    Prosecutors at the Surabaya District Court on Tuesday demanded a 12-year jail sentence for a man who murdered a Shiite follower during a mob attack in the Sampang regency in East Java, last August.
  3. America May Soon Start Drone Strikes In Two More ‘Non-Battlefield’ Countries
    Iraqi officials requested U.S. drones strikes near their border after al-Qaeda-linked jihadists ambushed a Syrian convoy in Iraq earlier this month, Qassim Abdul-Zahra and Diaa Hadid of the Associated Press report.
  4. Saudi Arabia expels thousands of Yemeni workers
    Up to 300,000 could be forced to leave, causing instability and draining income from impoverished Yemen
  5. Saudi Arabia: Amnesty condemns paralysis punishment
    Man to be paralysed as punishment for a crime he committed 10 years ago unless his family pays one million Saudi riyals
  6. Taliban storm Afghan court, 44 people dead
    AT LEAST 44 people were killed by Taliban militants who stormed an Afghan court complex in an apparent attempt to free insurgents standing trial.
  7. US to punish Pakistan for Iran gas pipeline deal: Report
    The US State Department may enforce economic sanctions against Pakistan over the multi-billion-dollar Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, a new report says.
  8. Iran condemns UN’s Arms Trade Treaty as ‘politically motivated’
    A senior Iranian UN envoy has condemned the new Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) passed by the UN General Assembly as politicized and discriminatory.
  9. US, Jordan expand training of Syria militants: Report
    The United States and Jordan have increased the training of militants fighting against the Syrian government in an effort to establish a buffer zone along the southern border of Syria, a report says.