1. Senior Saudi Shia Scholar ‘Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul Hadi al-Fadhli Passes Away / Video
    According to ABNA reporter, prominent Saudi Shia cleric, Ayatollah, Sheikh Abdul Hadi al-Fadhli, passed away on Monday early morning, 08/04/2013, after suffering disease for several years.
  2. 17 Millions Pilgrims Visited the Imam Ridha Holy Shrine during Iranian New Year
    Assistance of Sacred Premises and Pilgrims’ Affairs of Astan Quds Razavi announced that 17 millions pilgrims visited the Imam Ridha Holy Shrine during Nowruz days.
  3. Indonesian minorities protest growing religious intolerance
    Indonesian minority religious leaders from Batak Christian Protestant, Shiite Islamic march toward parliament building during a protest against Indonesian government’s failures to guarantee freedom of religion in Jakarta on Monday, April 8, 2013.
  4. Salafi Fatwa permits FSA rebels to rape non-Sunni women in Syria
    Another Salafi cleric has gone public to announce a fatwa that permits US-backed FSA rebels to rape non-Sunni women in Syria as part of a “sexual jihad” that has seen girls as young as 14 transported into the country to service the needs of anti-Assad militants.
  5. Pakistan: Shia Teenager Martyred Inside Mosque in D.G.Khan
    A 15-year old Shia teenager worshiper Baqar Abbas Kolachi was killed in Tehsil Taunsa [Daulat Wala] after the armed terrorists of Sipah-eSahaba opened fire on him while he was offering morning prayer on 07 April 2013.
  6. Bahrain dismisses reports on Arab mediation with Iran
    Manama: Bahrain has dismissed reports on Gulf and Arab mediations with Iran as “plain lies.”
  7. West sees enough substance for Iran talks to continue
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – World powers believe there are enough grounds to keep talking to Iran about its disputed nuclear program, a senior Western diplomat said on Monday, even though the latest round of negotiations made little apparent progress.
  8. Egypt suspends tourism from Iran
    CAIRO — Egypt has decided to suspend all tourist visits from Iran following objections by ultra-conservative Islamists to any rapprochement with the Shiite Islamic republic, the tourism ministry said.
  9. Iran travel ban on Saudi diplomat for deadly car crash
    Iran has put a travel ban on a Saudi diplomat who was allegedly involved in a deadly drink-driving accident in the capital Tehran.
  10. Iraq says Syria-bound Iranian plane searched
    AFP – Iraq grounded and searched an Iranian plane bound for Syria through its airspace on Monday, with inspectors finding only first aid and medical equipment, a top official said.