1. Britain Not to Hand over Syrian Embassy to Opposition
    TEHRAN (FNA)- British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Tuesday London did not intend to hand over the Syrian embassy to the opposition.
  2. Lebanese City Keen to Boost Tourism Ties with Iran’s Holy City
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Mayor of the Lebanese city of Baalbek Seyed Hashem Othman voiced his city’s enthusiasm for the expansion of tourism ties with Iran’s holy city of Qom.
  3. Rights group says Bahrain arrests 20 before Grand Prix
    DUBAI: Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday that police had arrested 20 opposition activists in towns near Bahrain’s Formula One circuit in a sign of rising political tension before the Grand Prix on April 21.
  4. Relatives of Lebanese held in Syria block workers
    AFP – The families of nine Lebanese Shiite pilgrims kidnapped nearly a year ago in Syria are stopping Syrian workers in Beirut from going to work in a bid to put pressure on those holding their relatives.
  5. Egypt-Iran tourism plan still alive, says Egyptian minister
    Efforts to foster Iranian tourism to Egypt have not been cancelled, Tourism Minister Hesham Zaazou said Wednesday morning.
  6. Arabic Atlas of Shia to be unveiled in Iraq
    IBNA: The book has been rendered into Arabic by Nasir K’abi, a professor at Kufa University, and Seif Ali, an Iraqi-Iranian researcher.
  7. Saudi Shias fear new unrest after ‘spy’ arrests
    QATIF: Al-Awamiyah is a small village of shabby houses, narrow streets and dilapidated palm groves that has earned a big reputation as the center of unrest among Saudi Arabia’s Shia Muslim minority.
  8. Syria refugees struggle outside Jordan camps
    An estimated two-thirds of the 477,000 Syrian refugees who have fled their homeland live outside of the camps set up for them in Jordan.
  9. Iraq Inspects 3rd Iranian Plane to Syria This Week
    An Iraqi official says the country has forced an Iranian plane headed to Syria to land in Baghdad so authorities could search it for arms. It’s the third inspection in as many days.