1. ‘Al-Muraja’at’ A Shi’i-Sunni dialogue (also known as ‘The Right Path’)
    To Undrestand Shia Muslims More; A Shi’i-Sunni dialogue (also known as ‘The Right Path’)
  2. Twenty six Bahraini detainees on hunger strike protesting ill-treatment
    More than 26 political detainees in the Dry Dock prison dropped unconscious after going on hunger strike to protests the ill-treatment they are subjected to by the prison’s administration.
  3. Bahraini security forces raid forty houses in Sitra and arrest twenty four
    The regime in Bahrain has escalated its suppressive security campaign against ongoing pro-democracy protests. The regime forces arrested during two days more than 24 citizens and one child within a series of arrests it has been actively conducting recently.
  4. Bahrain: Two children Receive Harsh Sentences of 10 Years Imprisonment Based on Internationally Criticized Terrorism Law
    Two Bahraini children Ebrahim Al Muqdad and Jehad Sadeq were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment based on confessions reportedly extracted under torture. Both children have already been in prison for more than 8 months.
  5. Egypt denies hardliners halted Iran tourism
    Cairo: Egypt’s presidential spokesman says tourist flights from Iran were not suspended because of pressure from “any particular groups.”
  6. The Shiite Scare in Egypt
    “No to Iranian tourism in Egypt.” “We reject the existence of Iranian Shiites in Egypt.” “Islam has no Shiites.”
  7. U.S. targets web of companies accused of evading Iran sanctions
    (Reuters) – The United States on Thursday slapped financial penalties on an Iranian businessman, a Malaysian bank and a network of companies it accused of attempting to evade international sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program through money laundering.
  8. 9 killed in Egypt sectarian violence: Health Ministry
    The death toll from clashes between Christians and Muslims in Egypt has climbed to at least nine people, after a 21-year-old Muslim succumbed to his injuries, the Health Ministry says.
  9. Once-banned Iran exile group opens office a block from White House
    In from the cold and now on Pennsylvania Avenue just a block from the White House!
  10. Iraq struggles to solve electricity crisis
    Thick clusters of electric wires hang low from tilted wooden poles, winding their way through Baghdad’s alleyways to distribute privately generated electrical power.