1. Relatives of hostages call for boycott of Turkish products
    BEIRUT: Relatives of the Lebanese hostages held in Syria urged citizens Friday to join a boycott against Turkish products in a bid to pressure Ankara to do more to secure the release of their loved ones.
  2. Bahrain Police Fire Tear Gas on F1 Protesters
    Bahrain police fired tear gas and sound bombs to disperse hundreds of demonstrators gathering outside Manama to protest against this month’s Formula One Grand Prix.
  3. Twelve killed, 30 injured in bomb attack near Iraqi mosque
    At least twelve people have been killed and over 30 others injured in a bomb attack near a mosque north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
  4. Kuwaiti Sunni, Shia Scholars Criticize Recent Mosque’s Attack
    Two former Islamic lawmakers criticized a recent attack on a Shiite mosque in Kuwait and demanded swift operations to “catch the perpetrators” and “thwarts such ill endeavors aimed at damaging the national unity.
  5. Syria: Proxy war heats up as endgame inches closer
    As Syria’s fragmentation gathers pace and the demise of the regime apparently inches ever closer, competition between outside powers backing one side or the other is heating up, and proxy wars over the country’s future are intensifying.
  6. Iran developing its own “Islamic Google Earth”
    Iran is said to be developing its own 3D mapping service that will be ready for use within four months. The announcement related to the mapping service was made by Mohammad Hassan Nami, Iran’s minister for information and communications technology, who mentioned that the service will be an “Islamic Google Earth” and has been named Basir (which means spectator in Farsi).
  7. US Gen. backs lethal aid to Syria militants
    Gen. Philip Breedlove, the US president’s nominee to become NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, says he backs providing lethal assistance to militants in Syria.
  8. ‘Will continue to buy oil from Iran’
    India will continue to buy oil from “vital supplier” Iran, notwithstanding severe economic sanctions slapped by the U.S. and the UN against Iran, Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai said in Berlin on Friday.
  9. Fighting rages across Syria’s borders
    AL-QASR/BEIRUT: Fighting erupted along three of Syria’s fractious borders Friday, in an acute reminder of the potential for the country’s civil war to spark a regional conflagration.