1. Thousands Muslims Marked Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima at Imam Ridha Holy Shrine / Photos
    Thousands of devotee Muslims gathered at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad, and commemorated martyrdom anniversary of daughter of prophet Muhammad, Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra.
  2. Assad issues new amnesty
    DAMASCUS — President Bashar Al-Assad declared a general amnesty on Tuesday as the conflict ravaging Syria showed no signs of abating, with Western and Russian differences proving unbridgeable.
  3. Powerful Earthquake Strikes Rural Southeast Iran
    TEHRAN — Southeast Iran was hit Tuesday by the most powerful earthquake to strike the country in 40 years, and its reverberations were felt as far away as India, but Iranian officials said the tremor had originated so deep underground, and in such a sparsely populated area, that it caused relatively few casualties and only minor damage.
  4. Baghdad residents survey car bomb aftermath
    Residents of Habibiya district east of Baghdad on Tuesday inspected the damage caused by a car bomb attack on the day before.
  5. Car blast hits Bahrain ahead of F1: police
    A Bahraini youth opposition group on Monday said it blew up a car in Manama overnight in an incident the authorities blamed on a “terrorist group” just days ahead of the country’s Formula One Grand Prix.
  6. Surabaya Court Acquits Rois in Sampang Shiite Attack
    The Surabaya District Court acquitted Nahdlatul Ulama figure Rois Al-Hukama of all charges on Tuesday, arguing that no witnesses directly saw the Sunni leader participate in last August’s deadly anti-Shiite rampage in Sampang, Madura Island.
  7. 75 killed and hundreds wounded in Iraq pre-election violence
    Baghdad – One report counts at least 75 killed and 356 wounded. There were a series of attacks in many different parts of the country.
  8. Iraqi Army Voting Mired In Factional Politics
    Early voting among members of Iraq’s armed forces this week for provincial elections scheduled for April 20 reflected the same factionalism that currently characterizes Iraqi politics.
  9. Police, protesters face off outside Turkish embassy
    BEIRUT: Families of the nine remaining Lebanese hostages in Syria clashed Tuesday with security forces trying to prevent them from storming the Turkish Embassy in Rabieh, north of Beirut.
  10. Embargo-hit Iran economy shrank 1.9% in 2012: IMF
    Iran’s economy contracted by 1.9% in 2012 and is expected to shrink by 1.3% this year as it reels from the impact of Western sanctions, the International Monetary Fund said today.