1. Will Iran’s national internet mean no world wide web?
    Eight years ago, when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad first took office, the Iranian government announced plans to develop a national internet network.
  2. Saudis urge release of political prisoners
    Saudis have held an anti-regime demonstration in Qassim Province in solidarity with political prisoners, Press TV reports.
  3. Bahraini police arrest 22 protesters
    Bahrain has arrested more than 22 people since February for participation in demonstrations against the Al Khalifa regime, police say.
  4. Magnitude 4.7 quake jolts Iran’s southern Hormozgan Province
    An earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale has struck Bandar Charak in Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan.
  5. “Awakening of Bahraini People” Exhibition Held in Austria
    The first photo exhibition of “Symbol of Awakening of Bahraini People” was held at Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Vienna, Austria.
  6. Sayed El-Safi holds Iraq parliament fully responsible for what’s happening
    Sayed Ahmed El-Safi mentioned the absence of the parliaments nowadays when the country very in need to them. Absence is not a solution to solve the problems. Therefore, all the parliaments are fully and officially responsible for what is occurring recently.
  7. Bahrain: Shooting Victim Arrested and Prosecuted While Shooter Enjoys Impunity
    Bahraini authorities took to arrest and prosecute a shooting victim before he completed full medical treatment, while at the same time the shooter was not held accountable for his crime.
  8. Exhibition of Sheikh Bahaee manuscripts at Central Library of Astan Quds Razav
    A treasury of manuscripts and lithography works of Sheikh Bahaee, the famous scientist and mathematician of the Safavid era, has been exhibited at the Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi.
  9. Pakistan police say bomb blast kills 6 at a Shiite politician’s office in northwest
    PARACHINAR, Pakistan – A police officer says a bomb blast has killed six supporters of a Pakistani Shiite politician at his campaign office in country’s northwest.
  10. Egypt delegation talks Syria with Iranian leaders
    CAIRO: Senior aides to Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi made a rare visit to Tehran for talks with Iran on an Islamic initiative to seek a peaceful solution to Syria’s civil war, the two sides said Sunday.