1. Iraq’s Housing Crisis Worsens Amid High Population Growth
    Iraq has recorded a steady population growth, which reached its peak last year at 2.9% — one of the highest rates in the world, officials say.
  2. Kuwait court upholds sentence in Iran spy ring case
    Manama: The cassation court in Kuwait on Monday upheld a life sentence against four people for their role in a pro-Iran espionage network.
  3. Media War Heats Up Ahead of Iran Vote
    When Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech at a highly anticipated government rally last month, Tehran’s Azadi Stadium was nearly empty.
  4. Iran presidential candidates distance themselves from Ahmadinejad
    TEHRAN, Iran – For eight years, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has played the role of global provocateur-in-chief: questioning the Holocaust, saying Israel should be erased from the map and painting UN resolutions as worthless. His provocative style grated inside Iran as well — angering the country’s supreme leader to the point of warning the presidency could be abolished.
  5. Earthquake rattles near Iran’s nuclear reactor in Bushehr
    A moderate earthquake hit near Iran’s main nuclear reactor near Bushehr on Monday, but there were no immediate reports of damages or deaths.
  6. India set to scale up ties with Iran; joint exploration on cards
    On Board Special Plane: Notwithstanding sanctions against Iran, India is set to scale up economic and commercial engagement with it with proposals for joint investment in infrastructure and joint exploration of oil high on the agenda.
  7. 42 Syrian soldiers dead in reported Israeli strike, opposition group says
    Damascus, Syria (CNN) — Concern about the possibility of broader war in the Middle East grew Monday after reported airstrikes on Syrian military installations.
  8. UN: No clear proof of Syria chemical arms use
    Committee says it has no “conclusive” proof either side used chemical weapons, after claim that rebels used sarin gas.
  9. Bahrain’s medics politicised by crisis
    A group of Bahraini health workers have found themselves on the frontlines of a battle over medical neutrality as the aftershocks of the Arab Spring continue to rumble through the Gulf island kingdom.
  10. Deadly blasts hit Iraqi capital
    At least 11 people killed in bombings near police checkpoints and a restaurant in Baghdad.