1. Diganta, Islamic TV Taken off Air in Bangladesh
    The government of Bangladesh knocked off the air Diganta Television, tied to Jamaat-e-Islami, and pro-BNP Islamic TV in the early hours of Monday.
  2. Iran releases free ebook on Hujr ibn Adi
    Isfahan’s Ghaemiyeh Cyber Research Center has released a free ebook online about Hujr ibn Adi al-Kindi, whose mausoleum was reportedly attacked by militants in Syria and his remains were taken to an unknown location.
  3. Syrian Troops Kill Several Saudi, Jordanian Terrorists in Outskirts of Latakia
    The Syrian Army killed a large number of foreign terrorists, including Jordanian and Saudi nationals, in the suburb of the coastal city of Latakia in the Western parts of the country on Tuesday.
  4. Saddam-Era General Supplying Chemical Weapons to Terrorists in Syria
    The innocent people killed in the Khan al-Assal area of rural Aleppo in Northwestern Syria were the victims of the chemical weapons supplied to the terrorists by a Saddam-era General working under head of the now outlawed Ba’ath party Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, sources revealed on Monday.
  5. Bahrain: Al-Khalifa Forces Vandalize Barbaghi Mosque, Leave Sectarian Graffiti
    Bahraini security forces vandalized the Prince Mohammad Barbaghi Mosque in Manama on Tuesday, sabotaging its contents and writing sectarian phrases on its walls.
  6. Image / The Tomb of Hujr ibn Adi before Militants Raid in Adra – II
    According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency – ABNA – A few days ago foreign-backed militants belonging to the Free Syria Army desecrated the tomb of Hujr ibn Adi in the town of Adra, located west of the capital Damascus. Militants raided the mausoleum and transferred his remains to an unknown location.
  7. Indian Muslims call for Black Friday in protest of desecration of holy site
    Indian Muslims have announced Black Friday, slamming the desecration of the holy shrine of one of the prophet’s companions Hujr ibn Adi by foreign-backed militants in Syria.
  8. Afghans Confront Sensitive Issue Of Ethnicity
    In Afghanistan, where most people are illiterate and live in areas without paved roads or regular electricity, a state-of-the-art smart-chip ID card may seem extravagant. But the government believes it can help with everything from census data to voter registration to health care.
  9. Syria blames Internet outage on technical problem
    A problem with a fiber optics cable was responsible for an Internet outage that cut off civil war-ravaged Syria from the rest of the world for nearly 20 hours, state media said Wednesday.