1. Shia community seeks protection from East Java administration
    Displaced Shia followers from Karanggayam and Bluuran villages in Sampang, Madura regency, have demanded East Java Governor Timur Soekarwo protect their rights after the Sampang regent approved their relocation out of Madura Island.
  2. The Gilgit Baltistan Dispute
    The Gilgit-Baltistan dispute is used by Pakistan to promote insurgency in Afghanistan and India.
  3. Photo: The healthy body of ‘Hujr Ibn Adi’ after 1400 years exhumed by Free Syrian Army
    “Alghuta al Sharghiyah” website, depended on Free Syrian Army claimed that the below picture belongs to Hujr bin Adi, companion of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and a loyal supporter of the first Shia Imam Ali (PBUH), but it is not proved yet.
  4. Iraq rejects refuge for Kurdish fighters
    Iraq on Thursday rejected a key element of an accord to bring an end to a long Kurdish uprising in Turkey – offering refuge to rebel fighters in country’s north.
  5. U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Those Aiding Iran
    The United States on Thursday expanded its roster of those violating Iran sanctions, blacklisting four Iranian companies and one individual suspected of helping the country enrich nuclear fuel. It also singled out two other companies, including a Venezuelan-Iranian bank, accused of helping Iran evade other Western-imposed prohibitions on oil sales and financial dealings.
  6. A total of 11 politicans register for Iran’s upcoming presidential elections
    Among 144 of total registered people, 11 politicians have thus far registered for the upcoming presidential elections in Iran, Mehr news agency reported.
  7. Iran routes oil via Indonesia to keep up exports
    LONDON (Reuters) – Iran is using an Indonesian port in a strategy to keep up sales to buyers in Asia in the teeth of Western sanctions, according to shipping data and industry sources.
  8. WikiLeaks: Shias thanked US embassy for killing Zaraqawi
    WikiLeaks reveal Shia leaders from Lucknow thanked the US for killing Zaraqawi in Iraq.
  9. Hazara Candidates in Pakistan Burdened by Threats
    Ruquiya Hashmi has been called the Benazir Bhutto of Baluchistan—and she has achieved a number of firsts like the former Pakistani prime minister.