1. Hatefilled sectarian leaflets in the UK
    There was a recent incident in London where a scuffle broke out between Salafi protesters in London and at least some Shia passers by. BFTF is not sure who provokes who, what caused the fight etc, but was heartened to see a very quick response from the Muslim Council of Britain saying :
  2. Saudi Arabia keeps ban on human rights groups
    Saudi Arabia regime keeps pressure on human rights activists and hinders any efforts aimed at defending human rights in the country, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) says.
  3. Muslims Fastest Growing religious community in Canada
    Muslims are the fastest growing religious community in Canada and are proud to be Canadians, a new national survey has found.
  4. Worshipers in Tehran rally to condemn insult to holy shrine in Syria
    Worshipers in Tehran held demonstration in protest against desecration of Prophet Mohammad disciples Hujr ibn Adi and Ja’far ibn Abitaleb known as Ja’far Tayyar.
  5. Thousands in Bahrain protest against torture: Reports
    Thousands of Bahraini demonstrators have taken to the streets of a village near Manama to protest against the torture of pro-democracy activists arrested by the Al Khalifa regime.
  6. Imam Ali’s (AS) Character to Be Investigated in India
    Aspects Imam Ali’s (AS) character will be discussed at a forum on May 20 in Uttar Pradesh State of India.
  7. Friday preacher of Najaf: We will not remain silent if the Shrine of Lady Zainab gets attack
    Friday preacher of Najaf by mentioning to the exhumation of Hujr Ibn Adi was a burglar alarm for attacking to the holy shrine of lady Zainab emphasized : “Will not be silent in the face of assaulting the holy shrines of the family of holy prophet of Islam and we will defend our sanctities.”
  8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could face 74 lashes over Iran election ‘violation’
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could face 74 lashes or six months in jail if punished to the full extent of the law for breaking electoral rules by accompanying his chief of staff to register as a candidate in Iran’s forthcoming elections.
  9. Earthquakes in Iran spark fears across the region
    Al Ain: Earthquakes have been rocking Iran — sending a wave of fear across the region.
  10. HC asks Islamic speaker to record statement at Sindhudurg
    The Bombay High Court has asked a public speaker on Islam to appear before the Vengurla police in Sindhudurg district and get his statement recorded in connection with a case registered there for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.