1. Indonesia – Shia community seeks protection from East Java administration
    Displaced Shia followers from Karanggayam and Bluuran villages in Sampang, Madura regency, have demanded East Java Governor Timur Soekarwo protect their rights after the Sampang regent approved their relocation out of Madura Island.
  2. Delegation of Imam Hussein & al-Abbas holy shrines in Maisan province to help the flood-affected families
    Iraq (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The delegation of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines made a visit to Maisan province in Iraq to help the families affected by the floods. Fadhil Awaz, a member of the managerial board of the Imam Hussein holy shrine said that a delegation had been formed in order to transfer food substance, blankets and tents to the families who lost their properties.
  3. Human Rights Watch urges fair trial of Top Saudi cleric ‘Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’
    Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi Arabia to hold a fair trial for a prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who is an outspoken critic of the Al Saud regime.
  4. Imam Hussein Daughter’s Grave Shed Tear of Blood in Lebanon + Photos
    Pilgrims of the shrine surprised when saw blood is flowing down from the noble grave of Lady Khulah (s.a) in Baalbek, Lebanon.
  5. Sampang Shia in Peril
    “We can do nothing about it because the majority of the people demand the Shia community be kicked out of Sampang. Local religious leaders have also supported the demand. I will soon file a request to Governor Soekarwo to issue an ordinance to make it legal for us to relocate them,” Fannan told The Jakarta Post.
  6. ‘Capital of torture’: Bahraini Shiite majority demands democratic rule
    Thousands of anti-government activists flocked to the streets of the Shiite village of Daih in Bahrain to protest against the torture of victims arrested by the minority Sunni-ruled monarchy.
  7. Red Cross more than doubles Syria aid budget
    GENEVA: Confronted with what it calls a “major humanitarian catastrophe” in Syria, the Red Cross Monday urged donors to more than double its budget this year to address the conflict in and around the war-torn country.
  8. Iran expects “progress” in U.N. nuclear talks, West sceptical
    VIENNA (Reuters) – Iran expects progress will be made in talks this week with the United Nations’ atomic agency, Tehran’s nuclear envoy said on Monday, but Western diplomats held out little hope of an end to the deadlock.