1. Doctrine of Armed Jihad or Doctrine of Saudi Wahhabi Caliphate?
    Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars from Indonesia to North America and from South Africa to Scandinavia in order to promote its Wahhabi-Salafi doctrine in the shape of mosques, madrassas, media, think tanks and advocacy groups.
  2. Birthday celebration of Imam Ali (A.S.) was held at Imam Ridha holy shrine
    Coinciding with Rajab 13th, the birthday anniversary of Imam Ali (A.S.) was celebrated in the auditorium of the Razavi sacred premises.
  3. Al-Azhar’s Anti-Shia Stance Criticized
    Friday prayer leader of Najaf criticized Egypt’s Al-Azhar Center for allowing Salafist groups to infiltrate the center with the aim of confronting Shi’ism in Egypt.
  4. “Ahl-ul-Bayt’s (AS) School to Be Introduced in 50 Languages”
    The Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) World Assembly is translating and publishing works on Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in more than 50 languages.
  5. Battle of Al-Qusayr Rages As Syrian Army Advances
    The Syrian city of al-Qusayr witnessed on Saturday the fiercest fight since the Syrian army launched the operation against the foreign-backed militants almost nearly a week ago.
  6. Pakistan: Top Saudi-Backed Shia Killer ‘Malik Ishaq’ Released From Prison
    The chief of notorious terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and vice president of Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP) Malik Ishaq alias Ishaq Dhobi along with over 100 other terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba have been released from Chohang Jail Lahore, sources said.
  7. Syria rebels fight on as peace talks pressure mounts
    DAMASCUS (May 25, 2013): Syrian rebels kept up their resistance Saturday to a massive assault on the strategic central town of Qusayr as the regime’s agreement to attend a planned peace conference boosted pressure on opposition leaders to match the move.
  8. Old City wears a festive look
    HYDERABAD: The birth anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali, the cousin of Prophet Mohammad and a Caliph of Islam was celebrated in the Old City on Friday, which corresponded to the 13th of Rajab of the Hijri calendar.
  9. Bomb attacks on army and pilgrims kill 10 in Iraq
    AFP – A roadside bomb attack on an Iraqi army convoy and a car bomb targeting Iranian pilgrims killed 10 people and wounded 19 on Saturday, security officers and doctors said.