1. Bahrain Forces Assault Children under Five during Playtime
    Bahraini regime forces assaulted two children aged under five by beating them and kicking them near their house in Bani Jamra on Friday.
  2. Saudi-Funded Terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba Kill 4 Shiite Muslims in Pakistan
    Saudi-funded terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba shot killed 4 Shiite Muslims in different areas of Pakistan. Syed Hassan Raza, Muhammad Akbar and Asghar Ali martyred in Karachi and Syed Agha Meer Shah martyred in Peshawar.
  3. Iraqi Senior Shia Cleric: Iraq confirms the prohibition of killing anyone of the Iraqis regardless of their denominations
    Sheikh Abdul Mehdi El-Kerbalai mentioned that the Supreme Religious Authority represented by Grand Ayatullah Sayed al Sistani, confirmed the prohibition of killing anyone of the Iraqi people regardless of any denomination they are subscribed to. Also, he confirmed the prohibition of any violent or riot actions performed by anyone.
  4. Iran presidential candidate’s staff arrested
    Police detains campaigners for leading opposition candidate Hassan Rouhani in Tehran ahead of June 14 presidential poll.
  5. Controversial Sheikh al-Qaradawi: Alawites & Shiite Are Even Worse than Christians and Jews / Fight Against Syria
    Qaradawi who is seen as the religious and inspirational leader of the militants and terrorists fighting against the government of Syria, told attendants at the Friday Prayers in capital Doha that Alawites, particularly Shiites are even worse than Christians and Jews.
  6. Every day of the festival in India is “Answer a question & win a free pilgrimage to the holy Kerbala”
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Within the activities of the Commander of the Faithful {Imam Ali (p.b.u.h)} First Annual Cultural Festival in Lucknow City – India, El-Abbas holy shrine in cooperation with its Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs held an ideological competition about Imam Ali (peace be upon him).
  7. NATO Study: Assad Winning War, 70% of Syrians Support Him
    A NATO data published by World Tribune on Sunday shows that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is winning the war against the foreign –backed opposition, as it stresses that 70 percent of the Syrians support their leader.
  8. Syrian Army Proceeds Operations, Seizes Sarin Cylinders in Hama
    The Syrian Army proceeded its operations in several areas across the country, as it confiscated two cylinders of Sarin Toxic gas used by foreign-backed militants in the city of Hama.
  9. Am I next?; Shiite children condemn Shia Genocide in Pakistan
    Hundreds of Shiite children in Karachi staged protest to condemn ongoing genocide of Shiite Muslims in Pakistan.
  10. More than 1,000 killed in Iraq violence in May
    Baghdad residents worry death squads may return after bloodiest month in civil war since five years ago; attacks on Sunni, Shiite targets raise war fears