1. UNHCR: Number of Syria Refugees Passes 1.6 Million
    The UN refugee agency says the number of Syrian refugees sheltered in neighboring countries including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq has passed 1.6 million.
  2. In a week Over 150 religious books published
    A Total of 1107 book titles were released in Iran during the period of May 18-22 of which 154 belonged to the field of religion.
  3. Five Bahrainis Fighting for ‘al-Nusra’ Killed in Syria
    Abdul Meneim Ali, another Bahraini national from Muharraq, has been killed Monday in Syria during ongoing clashes between the Syrian army and al-Nusra front armed groups.
  4. Turkey hit by new protests despite govt. apology
    Fresh violence has erupted in Turkey as protesters defied a government plea to end days of deadly unrest, the biggest challenge yet to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decade-long rule.
  5. Iran Outmaneuvers U.S. in the Syrian Proxy War
    Syria’s uprising offered the possibility of a strategic defeat of Iran. In this scenario, Iran would be weakened by the collapse of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, its single Arab ally and a vital link to Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.
  6. Bahrain to probe Hezbollah ‘economic activities’
    AFP – The interior minister on Wednesday ordered a probe into any economic activity in Bahrain by the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, which the kingdom has branded a “terrorist organisation”.
  7. Iraq marks Shiite ritual as unrest surges
    Baghdad: Tens of thousands of Shiite Muslims pilgrims thronged a shrine in Baghdad on Wednesday for a ritual mourning ceremony amid a surge in violence that has sparked fears of a new all-out sectarian war.
  8. Iraq gunmen kill 14 people at fake checkpoint
    At least 14 people have been killed at a fake security checkpoint manned by gunmen in western Iraq, officials say.
  9. Qusair capture changes Syria conflict dynamics
    The defeat of Syrian rebel forces who have now withdrawn from their positions in the town of Qusair represents a significant victory for the government and its Hezbollah allies.