1. Activists censure Bahrain’s misuse of CS gas against protesters
    Activists have called for an investigation into misusing CS gas against the Bahraini protesters by the Al Khalifa regime’s security forces.
  2. Bahrain top religious leader: Manama Seeking to Clean Traces of Torture in Prisons
    Bahrain’s top religious leader Sheikh Issa Qassem said that the Manama regime is seeking an opportunity to damage the evidence proving that detained protestors have gone under torture in the country’s prisons.
  3. Imam Hussein holy shrine holds a course for qualifying teachers of Quranic courses all over Iraq
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Quran House of the Imam Hussein holy shrine held a course for qualifying the teachers of the Quranic courses all over Iraq in order to function in a more enhanced level.
  4. Iraq: Ayatollah Safi demands governmen to appoint better governors & instill patriotism in promising generation
    KARBALA, Iraq (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Second part of the Friday Sermon held in the Imam Hussein holy shrine, the representative of the supreme religious authority and the preacher of the Friday sermon in Kerbala city, his eminence Sayed Ahmed El-Safi, mentioned some important elements that lead to the public interest and security.
  5. Bahrain: Number of Women Detained Growing as Crackdown Worsens
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Bahrain Center for Human Rights is gravely concerned in regards to the escalation of attacks on women as they are subjected to arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and deprived from their basic rights in prison; including but not limited to visitation rights and adequate medical care. The number of female detainees and those sentenced to imprisonment has considerably increased recently.
  6. Iraq: 21 persons killed, injured in Kadhimiya
    21 persons were killed and injured due to car bomb targeted police center in Kadhimiya town of northern Baghdad.
  7. Iraq: 13 Anti-Shia Terrorists Involved in Nikhaib Massacre Arrested in Anbar
    13 accused of killing Shiite soldiers and civilians in Nikhaib area located between Karbala and Anbar provinces were arrested on Saturday, an official security source said.
  8. Research journal on Shia Imams released
    IBNA: The quarterly’s 7th issue is arranged in 5 chapters and entails articles like the Fondness of Ahlolbeit viewed in the holy Quran by Ali Husseini Milani and Mohammad Hussein Rahimian, deliberations on narrative elements of the theory…by Shahram Pourhassan and Mohammad Kajour, and the contrast between the doctrines of consultation and democracy against Imammat by Mohammad Khademi.
  9. Shia Pilgrins Killed in Iraq by Militant Sunni Islamists: Iran Needs to Wake Up
    Iranian Shia Muslim pilgrims planned to show their piety by visiting holy places in Iraq but once more many were slaughtered by Sunni Islamists which deem the Shia to be non-Muslim and worthy of killing in the name of Allah. Of course, this reality is replicated in other nations like Pakistan whereby countless attacks have slaughtered untold numbers of Shia Muslims inside mosques or during religious pilgrimage.
  10. 1 killed, 10 injured in Shiite protest in Yemen demanding release of detainees
    SANAA, Yemen – A Yemeni security official says one protester has been killed and 10 people injured, including four guards, in clashes with Shiite protesters. They were demanding the release of political detainees.