1. Saudi rallies urge freedom for political prisoners
    Saudi women have staged protest rallies in the capital Riyadh and the city of Buraidah, calling for the immediate release of political prisoners.
  2. Bahrain Using British Program to Spy on Citizens
    The al-Khalifa regime is using a telecommunication program procured from a British company to spy on the Bahraini citizens’ emails and cell phones.
  3. After Qusayr Victory, West Trying to Restore Ties with Syrian Officials
    1100 member of the Takfiri groups were killed, 1500 wounded in the last attack by the Syrian government forces which enabled it to retrieve its control over Qusayr area.
  4. Babel First Shiite Political Alliance formed
    The political blocs in Babil province announced the formation of a new coalition called “Babel First” to form the local government in the province.
  5. Syria militants fire 12 rockets at Lebanon’s Hermel region, kill one
    At least one person has been killed and several others injured after a dozen rockets fired by anti-Syria militants hit neighboring Lebanon’s border town of Hermel, Press TV reports.
  6. 14 killed in bomb attacks in Damascus
    At least 14 people have been killed in two bomb attacks that struck near a police station in the Syrian capital Damascus.
  7. Thousands of Yemenis protest killing of Shia protesters
    Thousands of Yemenis have demonstrated in the capital Sana’a to protest the killing of fellow Shias at the hands of security forces.
  8. Syrian Teenager’s Public Death Reveals Growing Anger as Civil War Continues
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — The teenager’s name was Muhammad al-Qatta, and he was 14 years old when witnesses said radical Islamists in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo pulled him from his coffee kiosk on Sunday and later executed him in a public square.
  9. Sectarian violence: Shia doctor shot, injured in botched kidnapping bid
    PESHAWAR: A Shia doctor was critically injured while his armed bodyguard was killed in crossfire when militants attacked them in Dabgari Gardens area early Tuesday morning.