1. Mahdism, An Invisible Link between God and His Servants
    Mahdism and the belief in the Savior are an invisible link that maintain a constant connection between God and His Servants.
  2. Protests in Turkey Go “Silent” after Police Storm, Seal off Taksim Square
    Riot police on Wednesday clashed briefly with groups of anti-government protesters in two Turkish cities, but there was no fresh unrest in Istanbul where demonstrators switched to silent protests after a heavy crackdown.
  3. A gravestone with the word “Ali Waliullah” in a country where burn Shiites + pic
    Morocco is an anti-Shia country, for example, Sending Shias in jail for carrying “Mafatih Aljnan” and issuing the Fatwa to burn Shias, have been happened in this country several times.
  4. Iran: Programs of 9th Int’l Conference of Mahdism Doctrine announced
    Programs of the 9th International Conference of Mahdism Doctrine are unveiled.
  5. Indonesian Lady: “I’ve Been Oppressed for Being Muslim Shiite But I Became Firm on the Course of Imam Hussein & Lady Zaineb”
    She didn’t pray because she had 100s questions requiring answers that she used to be preoccupied with. She began to ask Sunni people but it returned nothing.
  6. Syrian warplanes strike rebel posts in Aleppo
    BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian warplanes struck rebel positions near a besieged military air base and other rebel-held areas in the country’s north Tuesday as regime forces stepped up attacks against opposition fighters in the key province of Aleppo, activists said.
  7. Al-Qusayr Minarets Prove Falsity of some Arab Media Outlets’ Sectarian Claims
    Al-Manar channel broadcast a report which revealed the falsity of some satellite and Arab channels’ sectarian claims about some incidents in Syria.
  8. Bahraini activist denounces the government’s attempts to take possession of a mosque’s land
    Sheikh Maytham Al Salman, Head of Religious Freedom Unit in the Bahrain Human Rights Monitor denounced the Government’s attempts to take possession of wide area of the Imam Hadi mosque’s land in Hamad Town.
  9. Senior Afghan Shia cleric escaped unhurt in explosion in Kabul
    A bomb targeted a senior Shia Muslim cleric in the west of Kabul on Tuesday, police said, shortly before the international military coalition marked its final handover of security to national forces.
  10. Syria troops fight rebels near Shiite shrine
    BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian troops backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters clashed Wednesday with rebel forces south of a Damascus suburb that is home to a major Shiite Musim shrine in an attempt to secure the area surrounding the revered site, activists said.