1. Bahrain reconciliation talks end with ‘zero’ results
    Four months of intense talking in 25 meetings between Bahrain ruling regime and pro-democracy opposition have ended with “zero” results, spokesman of the National Democratic Opposition Parties has said.
  2. HRW raps Saudi Arabia for jailing top activist
    Saudi officials came under fire after the kingdom charged a prominent rights activist to jail term for his political writings.
  3. Saudi’s Bandar Supervises Arming Militant Groups in Syria
    Bandar Bin Sultan, the Saudi National Security Council Secretary and Head of the Saudi Intelligence, supervised last week the operations of providing the foriegn-backed militants fighting the Syrian government, with German anti-aircraft missiles in Antakia.
  4. Bahrain clears officer who tortured female journalist
    A court in Bahrain has acquitted a female officer of her charges of torturing female Bahraini journalist Nazeeha Saeed.
  5. Egyptian anti-sectarian group blames Morsi for Shia attacks
    Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination denounce the lynching of four Shias in Giza on Sunday
  6. Egyptian security forces arrest 15 over killing of Shia Muslims
    Egyptian prosecutors say the law enforcement agencies have detained at least 15 suspects in connection with the recent killing of Shia Muslims in the North African country.
  7. Egypt’s president denounces Shiite killings, but some blame him for condoning hate speech
    CAIRO — Egypt’s Islamist president on Monday condemned the brutal killing of four Shiites by a cheering Sunni Muslim mob while the police looked on, saying the culprits must be swiftly brought to justice.
  8. Bombings kill at least 42 in Iraq, wound dozens as Shiite festival begins
    BAGHDAD — A series of evening bombings near markets in and around Baghdad and other blasts north of the capital killed at least 42 people and wounded dozens of others Monday in the latest eruption of bloodshed to rock Iraq.
  9. Shias threaten to “internationalize” Giza murder case
    Shia leaders in Egypt have said they will give authorities the chance to apprehend the killers of 4 Shia Muslims in a Giza village on Sunday, before they “internationalize” the case and file a lawsuit with an international legal body against leading government figures.