1. Saudi Arabia fostering deviant current in Muslim world: Iran MP
    A senior Iranian lawmaker has slammed Saudi Arabia for supporting the extremist and deviant Salafist current in the Muslim world.
  2. Intl. Conference on Mahdism come to an end
    Hope and longing for justice has been one of humanities calls throughout time, and in Shia Islam this hope is in awaiting for the return of the 12th Imam of Shias, as they believe he will bring about peace and justice to the world.
  3. Iraq: Bombers kill 23, including Turkomen protesters and Shiite pilgrims
    BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber blew himself up among a group of demonstrators complaining about lack of security in an ethnically disputed northern Iraqi city on Tuesday, in the deadliest in a spate of attacks that killed at least 23 people, authorities said.
  4. Who is Sheikh Hassan Shahata?
    Hassan Bin Muhamad Bin Shahate Bin Mousa al-Anani, Known as Sheikh Hassan Shahate, was born in November 10, 1946 in the small town of Harbit, Markaz Abu Kabir, in al-Sharqiyah province of Egypt.
  5. Power struggle under way in Saudi Arabia
    A power struggle is under way in Saudi Arabia since the country’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is in very frail health.
  6. Egyptian grand mufti condemns Shia killings as a worse sin in Islam than destruction of sacred Kaaba in Mecca
    The senior Sunni cleric, Shawqi Allam, stressed that bloodshed is highly prohibited in Islam and is deemed more serious a sin than the demolition of the Kaaba, the Muslims’ sacred building located in Mecca.
  7. Amnesty urges Morsi to protect Egypt’s Shias
    President Mohamed Morsi remained silent over sectarian hate speech before killing of 4 Shia Muslims by mob in Giza, Amnesty International says
  8. Villagers say proud of lynching four Shias
    ABU MUSSALEM: Residents of an Egyptian village outside Cairo said they were “proud” of the mob lynching of four Shias in an attack that followed weeks of anti-Shia rhetoric in the media.
  9. Egypt: Attack On Shia Comes At Dangerous Time
    The deadly attack on Shia Muslims follows weeks of sectarian incitement, and more violence is inevitable in the coming days.
  10. Bahrain arrests 9 Shiites for ‘planning prison break’
    DUBAI: Bahrain announced on Tuesday the arrest of nine Shiites it said are linked to Iran and that were planning to attack a prison to facilitate a jail break.