1. 3 terrorist Jundullah leaders killed in south Iran
    Leaders of three groups affiliated to the terrorist Jundollah group have been killed by Iranian security forces during clashes in the country’s Southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province.
  2. Mid-Sha’ban Celebrated in Madagascar
    On the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent) in mid-Sha’ban, a number of ceremonies were organized at different branches of Al-Mustafa International University in Madagascar.
  3. Iraqi security forces arrested 21 anti-Shia terrorists in Basra
    Basra Governorate Police Command revealed on Tuesday, arresting more than 20 wanted men in different issues, including one accused in accordance with Article IV of terrorism act in different areas in the province, in conjunction with the visit of Khotwa Imam Ali’s shrine.
  4. Al-Qaeda-linked groups should be armed in Syria: Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister says his country believes the al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria should be armed, but arms shipments to the Syrian government should be stopped.
  5. Bahrainis hold anti-regime demo over death of activist
    Bahraini protesters have held a demonstration to protest the death of an activist killed by regime forces.
  6. Egypt detains Shi’ite activist over weapons possession
    CAIRO (Reuters) – Security forces detained an Egyptian Shi’ite activist for possessing of illegal weapons two days after Shi’ites were killed in an attack by Sunni Muslims in a town near Cairo, a prosecution source said on Wednesday.
  7. Kerbala International Book Fair closes its activities with 235 Publishing Houses participating
    The Kerbala International Book Fair closed its activities with 235 participating Publishing Houses from inside and outside of Iraq.
  8. Al-Aali demands demolished mosques in Bahrain be rebuilt
    Bahrain (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Abdullah Al-Aali, former MP and member of al-Wefaq bloc said, “We will not accept the attacks on holy religious places in Bahrain.
  9. Promoting Nahj-ul-Balaqa in Seminaries Helpful on Spreading Religious Teachings
    Iran’s Culture Ministry’s Quran and Etrat Deputy said promotion of the Nahj-ul-Balaqa in seminaries will help to spread religious teachings.
  10. Insight: Kuwaitis campaign privately to arm Syrian rebels
    (Reuters) – At a traditional evening meeting known as a “diwaniya”, Kuwaiti men drop banknotes into a box, opening a campaign to arm up to 12,000 anti-government fighters in Syria. A new Mercedes is parked outside to be auctioned off for cash.