1. 32 Killed in a Suicide Bomb Attack Targeting a Shia Mosque, Cafe in Iraq
    At least 22 people have died and nearly 30 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack targeting a Shia mosque in the Iraqi town of Muqdadiyah on Monday. A separate bombing in a cafe in a Shia district of Baquba, killed another 10 people and wounded more than 20 others on Monday.
  2. Abducted Lebanese’ Shia families demonstrate in Beirut
    The families of the Lebanese nationals kidnapped by the foreign-backed militants in Syria have demonstrated in Lebanon’s capital Beirut.
  3. 32 countries to attend Beirut Int’l Conference of “Islam and Sedition of Takfir”
    An international conference entitled “Islam and the Sedition of Takfir” will start in the Lebanese capital of Beirut this afternoon.
  4. Iraq: Beginning of the Fifth Annual Cultural Safety Festival with the participation of the holy shrines
    The Fifth Annual Cultural Safety Festival has been held by Imam El-Sadiq (p.b.u.h) Organization in Diwanya Province in cooperation with the Imam Ali, Imam Hussein, Imam Kadhim and El-Abbas holy shrines.
  5. Bahrain: Acquittal of Officers Accused with Torture of Medics
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – On 1 July 2013, the third higher criminal court acquitted Lt-Colonel “Mubarak ben Huwail”, Director of Drug Detection, on charges of torturing doctors Basem Dhaif, Ghasan Dhaif, Ahmed Omran and Sayed Marhoon Alweda’ai during their detention in March and April 2011.
  6. Iraq attacks on Shiites kill 33: Officials
    Baquba (Iraq): Bombings targeting Shiite Muslims, including a suicide bombing against the funeral of an Iraqi soldier, killed at least 33 people today, officials said, updating an earlier toll.
  7. Syrian rebels threaten to target Shi’ite villages in Aleppo
    BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian rebels in the northern province of Aleppo on Monday threatened to seize two Shi’ite Muslim villages that back President Bashar al-Assad unless they surrendered to the opposition.
  8. Egypt’s military issues 48-hour ultimatum
    CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s military issued a “last-chance” ultimatum Monday to President Mohammed Morsi, giving him 48 hours to meet the demands of millions of protesters in the streets seeking the ouster of the Islamist leader or the generals will intervene and impose their own plan for the country.
  9. New Sanctions Imposed on Iran to Halt Gold Trading
    The first American sanctions on Iran since a moderate cleric won the presidential election there on June 14 went into effect on Monday, expanding the number of penalized industries and imposing rules that theoretically could halt all gold and currency trade by the country.
  10. Bahrain jails 7 Shiites to 15 years over murder bid
    DUBAI: A Bahraini court sentenced seven Shiite men to 15 years in prison on Tuesday for the attempted murder of a police officer in August 2012, a judicial source said.