1. Balochistan Chief Minister assures Hazara Shias of enhanced security
    Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has assured the Shia Hazara community that his government will fulfil its responsibility to protect their lives and property and eradicate terrorism.
  2. Bilal Moshi Branch celebrates birthday of Imam Mahdi in Tanzania / Pics
    TANZANIA, Africa (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Bilal Muslim Mission-Moshi branch in Tanzania, celebrated the birth of Imam Mahdi (atfs) on 15thSha’baan in a very different way.
  3. “Hypocrisy of Wahhabis unveiled”
    An Iranian cleric, attending the ceremony held for Shia Egyptian scholar in Tehran, condemned anti-Shia attacks saying Wahhabis have unveiled their hypocrisy for the world.
  4. Saudi court increases the sentence of top Shia cleric ‘Sheikh Tawfiq AlAmer’ to four years in jail
    A Saudi appeal court has recently increased the jail sentence to four years against Sheikh Tawfiq AlAmer, a prominent religious leader from AlAhssa in the Shiite-majority Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, on the accusation of insulting Prophet Mohammad’s Family and threatening the nation’s unity.
  5. With ongoing chaos and violence in Egypt, where are the police?
    Having overthrown one president in 2011, Egyptians this week have been out on the streets in the hundreds of thousands – some say millions – demanding the departure of another.
  6. Arab countries call on Morsi to step down, issue travel warnings
    Neighbouring Arab countries call for end to turmoil in Egypt while others issue travel warnings and call on their citizens to leave
    The members of the minority Shia community in Sampang on the East Java island of Madura face prolonged adverse conditions following the local government’s decision to relocate them from their homes to Sidoarjo, which many consider to be a human rights violation.
  8. Jakarta to Form Team to Ease Madura Tensions
    The central government plans to form a special team to end the religious violence that has haunted the Shiite community on Madura Island, after ordering them evicted to Sidoarjo on the East Java mainland.
  9. Iraq attacks on Shias kill 113 in three days
    BAGHDAD: A bombing on Baghdad’s southern outskirts killed seven people on Wednesday, the latest in a three-day wave of bloodshed targeting Shia Muslims that has left 113 dead amid fears Iraq is slipping back into all-out sectarian war.
  10. Rouhani tells Iran’s powerful clerics they need to regain citizens’ trust
    TEHRAN — Iran’s president-elect, the moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani, said Wednesday that the Islamic republic’s powerful clergy needs to do more to address the needs of Iranian citizens and regain their trust.