1. Shia Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other minorities worse off in Pakistan: US report
    Releasing the findings of its Pakistan Religious Violence Project Wednesday, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said it had tracked 203 publicly-reported incidents of sectarian violence resulting in more than 1,800 casualties, including over 700 deaths.
  2. Kalbe Jawwad wants Shia MLA in UP cabinet
    Lucknow: After the ministry expansion of Akhilesh Yadav government Shia cleric Kalbe Jawwad raised the demand for inclusion of Shia MLA in the ministry. The demand was made during a meeting of different anjumans held at Almas Marriage Hall at Hussainabad after the iftar on Thursday.
  3. Syrian no-fly zone would lead to war, British army chief says
    Britain’s outgoing army chief David Richards has warned that attempts to impose a no-fly zone over Syria would lead to war, in an interview published in Thursday’s Daily Telegraph.
  4. Syria air raid hit pro-rebel Lebanese region, security says
    A Syrian military helicopter fired rockets at a pro-rebel region of eastern Lebanon in the early hours of Thursday, a security source told AFP.
  5. Iranian cleric’s stand on fasting stirs debate
    TEHRAN: A decree by a senior Iranian cleric that Muslims can quench “extreme thirst” during the Ramadan fasting month has stirred debate in the Islamic republic’s clergy, media reports said Thursday.
  6. Bomb blast outside mosque near royal palaces rattles Bahrain
    A bombing outside a mosque near the royal palaces has rattled Bahrain, prompting authorities and main opposition groups in the violence-wracked Gulf kingdom to denounce the attack.
  7. Iran changes tack on Egypt
    Iran has done a smart 180-degree turn on the developments in Egypt. After taking a forceful line at the diplomatic level that the coup was “unacceptable and disturbing” to Tehran, a complete turnaround is apparent now. The new Iranian refrain is that “Egypt’s fate should be determined by its own nation and any decision made by the Egyptian people should be respected by all.”
  8. Indonesia to toughen Iran visas: reports
    The Rudd government could be thrown a lifeline as it tries to solve its border protection woes, with reports Indonesia plans to clamp down on Iranians entering the country.
  9. Iran warms to British outreach
    TEHRAN, July 18 (UPI) — Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani is interested in reciprocal relations with governments expressing good will toward Tehran, a ministry spokesman said.
  10. Largest Lake in Mideast May Dry Up, Iran Lawmaker Says
    Urmia, the Middle East’s largest lake, is in danger of drying up as Iran’s Energy Ministry and local officials failed to ensure critical water transfers, Aftab News said, citing a lawmaker.